Definition of neutralize in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈn(y)o͞otrəˌlīz/


[with object]
1Render (something) ineffective or harmless by applying an opposite force or effect: impatience at his frailty began to neutralize her fear
More example sentences
  • In addition, any other effects of cortisol are neutralized by RU - 486.
  • Winfield has excellent coverage skills and often was able to neutralize the slot receiver opposite him.
  • This has the odd effect of partially neutralising Dafoe's excellent performance, creating a character who is Bugs Bunny-like, capable of partaking in comic one-liners.
1.1Make (an acidic or alkaline substance) chemically neutral.
Example sentences
  • It is also the opposite of baking and washing soda; it is acidic and therefore neutralizes alkaline or caustic substances.
  • This neutralizes carbonic acid and transports carbon dioxide in the blood.
  • Baking soda, a gentle alkaline powder, neutralizes odor-causing acids by restoring your skin's natural pH level.
1.2Disarm (a bomb or similar weapon).
Example sentences
  • Battle Dog then proceeded to mop up, neutralizing the Scimitar's remaining weapon emplacements, rendering it a toothless predator.
  • After safely moving the dozens of innocent civilians who would likely have otherwise been killed by a blast, the police neutralized the car bomb.
  • The goal of this and other testing was to perfect the use of nuclear explosions in space to neutralize the ballistic missiles of a supposed opponent.
1.3A euphemistic way of saying kill or destroy, especially in a covert or military operation.
Example sentences
  • The traditional military aims to destroy, defeat, or neutralize the enemy's military capability, and this remains a fundamental concept.
  • But al Qaeda and its allies are a real danger to the United States, and these foes cannot be neutralized by military might alone.
  • But all international terrorist leaders are yet to be neutralized.



Pronunciation: /ˌn(y)o͞otrələˈzāSH(ə)n/
Example sentences
  • The neutralization of the United States and removal of the U.S. alliance system in Korea is essential from Pyongyang's perspective.
  • According to France's Interior Ministry, the group had sent several letters demanding payment in exchange for the neutralization of several bombs.
  • The agreement shall fix the beginning and the duration of the neutralization of the zone.


Pronunciation: /ˈn(y)o͞otrəˌlīzər/
Example sentences
  • If you need to freshen your hair after a workout or a night of clubbin', use a spray-on hair odor neutralizer, which you can find at the drugstore.
  • Between 1980 and 2003, research by some of the top medical organizations and universities resulted in over 42 studies on starch neutralizers and their effects.
  • Camouflaged clothing and scent neutralizers can fool a whitetail's eyes and nose, but there's no mistaking a human voice.


Mid 17th century: from French neutraliser, from medieval Latin neutralizare, from Latin neutralis (see neutral).

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