Definition of newborn in English:


Syllabification: new·born
Pronunciation: /ˈn(y)o͞oˌbôrn


(Of a child or animal) recently or just born: newborn babies figurative a newborn star
More example sentences
  • They will on some occasions attack small ailing domestic animals, newborn sheep and goats, eating parts of them.
  • That may change soon thanks to a newborn calf born healthy to the first cow cloned from a beef carcass.
  • He said the operation, known as gastric transposition, is more commonly used on newborn babies born with defects.
just born, recently born


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A recently born child or animal.
More example sentences
  • Some Inuit newborns are born with high blood pressure that persists into elementary school.
  • Yet teenagers need parental guidance and attention just as intensely as do newborns or young children.
  • And it can be a problem not just for adults, but for children as young as newborns.
young baby, tiny baby, infant;
Medicine neonate

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