Definition of noisy in English:


Syllabification: nois·y
Pronunciation: /ˈnoizē

adjective (noisier, noisiest)

  • 1Making or given to making a lot of noise: a noisy, giggling group of children diesel cars can be very noisy
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    • It is very obvious from the many letters to these pages, and from the escalating number of complaints to the authorities, that noise and noisy neighbours are a major cause of distress.
    • It may not necessarily be the vehicle itself that is noisy; maybe the noise is from the tyres, the stereo, or whatever.
    • There are a few points in our songs were we do get loud/noisy, but we do it in a dynamic way… we are very big on our dynamics.
    rowdy, clamorous, boisterous, turbulent, uproarious, riotous, rambunctious, rackety; chattering, talkative, vociferous, shouting, screamingloud, fortissimo, blaring, booming, overloud, deafening, thunderous, tumultuous, clamorous, ear-splitting, piercing, strident, cacophonous, raucous
  • 1.1Full of or characterized by noise: noisy scenes outside the court building the bar was crowded and noisy
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    • Really, the older I get, the less I like noisy smoky bars full of stupid drunk people.
    • The room was bright and noisy, full of women talking excitedly.
    • The road outside was busy and noisy - a source of dust and petrol fumes.
  • 1.2(Of a person or group of people) stridently seeking to attract attention to their views.
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    • It has attracted some powerful and noisy exponents.
    • Its noisy antics to pressure companies into making changes may not be to everyone's taste but at least it has swung the balance back in favour of the shareholder.
    • Selective support for some of the projects is attracting no comment from the ever noisy and vigilant environment lobby, feeding the theory that a land grab for pals is the motive.
  • 2 technical Accompanied by or introducing random fluctuations that obscure the real signal or data.
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    • Although TV snow obscures the main picture, a noisy signal can sometimes improve visual perception.
    • Integrating the noisy velocity signal gave a noisy displacement signal that was not useful.
    • Like many other researchers, we found the large and noisy background signal from tungsten to be a problem.



More example sentences
  • Once the game began, every hit, every pass, and every shot was argued about and celebrated noisily.
  • But by 1990, he was repeatedly and noisily complaining about the downside of fame.
  • After lunch I felt so bad I dissolved some aspirin in warm water, gargled noisily and swallowed gratefully.


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  • The venue's sound system did them justice and really showcased the noisiness, the melodic nuances and the vocals.
  • Indeed, solutions like the muffler to deal with the noisiness of early automobiles inspired confidence.
  • Whilst he wasn't the worst father in the world and paid the children a bit of attention he preferred the peace and quiet of our dining room to the noisiness of four children eating.

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