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Syllabification: non·black


1(Of a person) not black.
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  • From the 1960s onwards, the blues became a central ingredient of the universal world of commercial popular music; at present it is cultivated by non-black musicians throughout Europe and in parts of Asia as well as North America.
  • On the issue of whether ‘we’ and ‘our’ are appropriate words to describe blacks in a workbook that will be read by non-black students, I'm not quite sure what Mr. Williams' position is.
  • A study of the criminal system in Philadelphia found that if the perpetrator was black and the victim was non-black this was the combination most likely to give rise to the death sentence.
1.1Of or relating to people who are not black.
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  • Some plaintiffs object to the nonblack enrollment requirement, particularly since a similar requirement is not imposed on traditionally white institutions.
  • I also hope one day to get a magazine that is a traditional, a nonblack magazine.
  • The nonblack vote divided about evenly between them.


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A person who is not black.
More example sentences
  • But what the data shows us is that the difference between blacks and non-blacks is not that significant because 50 per cent of the population is under 25 years old.
  • Moreover, while the holiday may have originally been created for blacks, non-blacks can and do celebrate it, just as they do Chinese New Year.
  • Since the two main components are generally similar for blacks and non-blacks, we sum the cause-of-death rates that load positively on each dimension in both populations to create a measure of each dimension's strength.

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