Definition of nonsense in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈnänˌsens/
Pronunciation: /ˈnänsəns/


1Spoken or written words that have no meaning or make no sense: he was talking absolute nonsense
More example sentences
  • Then he comes into this House, along with his colleagues, and talks a lot of drivel and absolute nonsense.
  • I try to write, and manage 60 words of unsatisfactory nonsense before I give up.
  • Like I said earlier, it's absolute nonsense but nonsense which has been crafted with care and boundless enthusiasm.
rubbish, gibberish, claptrap, balderdash, blarney
informal hogwash, baloney, rot, moonshine, garbage, jive, tripe, drivel, bilge, bull, guff, bunk, bosh, BS, eyewash, piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, hokum, twaddle, gobbledygook, codswallop, flapdoodle, hot air
dated bunkum, tommyrot
vulgar slang bullshit, crap, crapola
1.1 [as exclamation] Used to show strong disagreement: “Nonsense! No one can do that.”
More example sentences
  • The second man was indignant at hearing this: ‘What nonsense!’
  • As for his assertion that they would have replaced poll tax with a local income tax if it was feasible - nonsense!
  • As a stickler for law and order, I say: nonsense!
1.2 [as modifier] Denoting verse or other writing intended to be amusing by virtue of its absurd or whimsical language: nonsense poetry
More example sentences
  • I got a text message on my cell phone today with nonsense poetry from an unknown source.
  • The nonsense lyrics are either the ramblings of a burnt out fool or transcendent works of genius.
  • It is not addressed to anyone, is not in the Knave's handwriting, and is actually a set of nonsense verses.
2Foolish or unacceptable behavior: put a stop to that nonsense, will you?
More example sentences
  • I believed that his romanticisms were foolish nonsense and were to be looked down upon.
  • Referee Peter McCarthy refused to stand for any nonsense and brandished a succession of cards.
  • Frankly, I am not going to stand any of your nonsense; and when you drop it I shall not expect you to stand any of mine.
mischief, naughtiness, bad behavior, misbehavior, misconduct, misdemeanor;
pranks, tricks, clowning, buffoonery, funny business
informal tomfoolery, monkey business, shenanigans, hanky-panky

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Syllabification: non·sense

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