There are 2 definitions of northeast in English:


Syllabification: north·east
Pronunciation: /ˌnôrTHˈēst
, ˌnôrˈēst


1 (usually the northeast) The point of the horizon midway between north and east: I pointed to the northeast
More example sentences
  • Avoid the rocky outcrops, and when you reach approximately the 550-metre contour line, bear round to the east and then the north-east until you arrive at the steep slope which leads onto the wide summit ridge.
  • One of the most problematic wind directions is from the north-east, wiping out many dive sites along the south coast and also on the northern side of the peninsula.
  • It has a magnificent site at the top of the island's hill, looking down towards the village and offering views of Mykonos to the north-east, Paros to the east and Los to the south.
1.1The compass point corresponding to northeast.
More example sentences
  • Quickly she marked north, east, south and west as well as north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west.
1.2The direction in which northeast lies: the entrance was through a small door to the northeast
2The northeastern part of a country, region, or town: people from the predominantly Russian towns in the northeast the northeast of Brazil
More example sentences
  • The best-preserved section of Roman wall is in the north-east of the town, along the Rue de la Citadelle.
  • Screening for women aged between 50 and 64 was introduced in the Eastern Health Board region, the midlands and the north-east.
  • At first this was confined to the older industrial regions of the north-east, Scotland, and South Wales.


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1Lying toward, near, or facing the northeast.
More example sentences
  • Currently our attention is directed towards the north-east coast, starting in Lincolnshire and working up until we find an area where the quality of life is high, and where property prices match the depth of our pocket.
  • Towards the north-east corner of the site there was a shrine which later became the site for a small Roman temple.
  • The inhabitants of Eriskay earned a reputation as whisky lovers after helping themselves to the precious cargo of the SS Politician, which ran aground off the north-east coast of the island in 1941.
1.1(Of a wind) coming from the northeast: there was a strong northeast wind
More example sentences
  • Given the prevailing south-west to north-east winds of the Sudbury summer, Penage is normally upwind, not downwind, from the smokestacks.
  • The shore, one of the most westerly in Africa, is cooled by the north-east trade winds, taking some of the edge off the searing tropical heat.
  • The wetter south-west season runs from May-November and the north-east monsoon from December-April.
2Of or denoting the northeastern part of a specified country, region, or town, or its inhabitants: northeast Baltimore
More example sentences
  • Scotland is fortunate relative to several other UK regions, such as north-east England and Wales, in the number of major public and private businesses that have their headquarters here.
  • Like many former mining towns in north-east England, Easington is still struggling to come to terms with the sudden loss of the major local employer.
  • Fragments of other dinosaurs have been found over the past years near Naples and near Trieste, in north-east Italy.


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To or toward the northeast: the ship sailed northeast the northeast-facing slopes
More example sentences
  • I think his reply was that they'd see them if they went north-east a bit.



Pronunciation: /-ˈēstərn/
More example sentences
  • For this north-eastern province of South Africa, it represents the full circle of history after more than two hundred years of almost constant strife.
  • Two weeks ago, I attended a meeting in the north-eastern USA between a public official and eight IT experts.
  • Two men will be placed on an identification parade today, in connection with various robberies in the north-eastern district.

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There are 2 definitions of northeast in English:


Syllabification: North·east
Pronunciation: /ˌnôrTHˈēst
A region of the US, usually thought to include the six New England states, New Jersey, and the eastern portions of New York State and Pennsylvania.