Definition of northward in English:


Syllabification: north·ward
Pronunciation: /ˈnôrTHwərd


In a northerly direction.
More example sentences
  • The flashing light paced our aircraft in steady northward direction.
  • Parts of Scotland provide a suitable habitat for this bird, but its range in that country seems to be slowly contracting in a northward direction.
  • Allardyce's Brazilian target may be slipping away from him in a northward direction, however.


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Toward the north.
More example sentences
  • Alienated from both white and black communities, they trekked northwards, finally founding their own town Rehoboth, in 1871.
  • It raised up northwards about an inch and a half.
  • They cite the case of Hurricane Floyd in 1999 that was due to hit the island, and then veered northwards at the last moment.


(the northward) Back to top  
The direction or region to the north.
More example sentences
  • This is the area that got overtop right there in the northward.
  • Having recovered the servant, boots included, we left in the midst of a smart shower of rain, running out of harbor under all plain sail before a fresh breeze from the northward, and Halifax soon faded in the distance.



adjective& adverb
More example sentences
  • The Caribbean archipelago links the major supplier and primary consumer of cocaine, and our island states, caught in the middle, are used to northwardly relay billions in dollars of narcotics annually.
  • Ward et al. reported that, on the basis of paleomagnetic studies, the Nanaimo Group has undergone about 3500 km of northwardly movement from its original position near modern-day Baja California.

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