Definition of numerous in English:


Syllabification: nu·mer·ous
Pronunciation: /ˈn(y)o͞om(ə)rəs


1Great in number; many: he has attended numerous meetings and social events
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  • The nominees are too numerous to mention - but you can see them all here.
  • And of course television news is even worse, as numerous studies have shown.
  • Productivity is notoriously difficult to measure, as numerous studies have found.
many, very many, a lot of, scores of, countless, numberless, innumerable;
several, quite a few, various;
plenty of, copious, a quantity of, an abundance of, a profusion of, a multitude of;
informal umpteen, lots of, loads of, masses of, stacks of, heaps of, bags of, tons of, oodles of, hundreds of, thousands of, millions of, gazillions of, bajillions of, more —— than one can shake a stick at
literary myriad
1.1Consisting of many members: the orchestra and chorus were numerous
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  • You know, insects are the most numerous group of species on this planet?


late Middle English: from Latin numerosus, from numerus 'a number'.



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  • One of the reasons offered for chess clubs not being more numerously attended is the fact that the clubs were situated in the heart of town and the majority of players in the suburbs.
  • There is scarcely a part of the county without a school, which in summer is numerously attended.
  • Our prayer meetings were more numerously attended twenty years ago and fifteen years ago than they are now.


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  • It's nothing like American hip-hop with its self-attitude so blatantly compressed into a track that works as one sound machine; here we have strands of sound that in their numerousness defy each other's full presence as ‘hip-hop.’
  • Hourglass repeats this brushwork in more, colors, including green and lavender, and with shorter, thinner strokes that in their numerousness convey a feeling of frenzy that's amplified by the uneven diagonal sides of the canvases.
  • I wonder whether the widely-presupposed centrality of snow in Inuit culture might be just as exaggerated as the widely-asserted numerousness of their snow words.

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