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Syllabification: off-world


  • In science fiction, any place away from the earth, or from that world that serves as the location of a given narrative or is regarded in a given context as the native world.
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    • Both of them seem to be visitors from off-world, from a unknown culture alien to Ventus.
    • Some had even come from off-world to witness it.
    • Because of our seclusion, we rarely get any visitors from the outside, and never from off-world.


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  • Involving, located in, inhabiting, or coming from, a place outside the native world.
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    • You adjust to everything, until the sky is filled with gigantic trolling zeppelins flashing ads for Coke, Atari, off-world colonial employment, etc.
    • What make the story unique are its setting and insight into off-world cultures.
    • Had we grown tired of the planet in the wake of the oil scandal and yearn for off-world travel?


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  • Away from the native world.
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    • We'll give them those three days to evacuate all settlements off-world.
    • I'm not really different from any of the others, except I'm a fashion model, and I live off-world.
    • This is really an Earth-based project, so it wouldn't be right to go off-world for help.



More example sentences
  • Tell me when you have the off-worlders in custody.
  • There were very few off-worlders away from Sillon who know the importance of the Silloni's spiraled horns.
  • Even though Ambrooke was a planet-wide city, it was broken up into provinces, so that navigation was less confusing to off-worlders.

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