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Pronunciation: /ˈôfˌset/
Pronunciation: /ˈäfˌset/
1A consideration or amount that diminishes or balances the effect of a contrary one: an offset against taxable profits
More example sentences
  • An individual can obtain relief on an annual investment of up to €31,750 by way of offset against taxable income.
  • An offset is considered a benefit to you because the money was used to pay your debts, the IRS says.
  • We'll gladly talk to whoever wins the competition about offsets when the contract is signed.
2The amount or distance by which something is out of line: these wheels have an offset of four inches
More example sentences
  • Three aspects of the wheels are relevant to the suspension design: wheel offset, aspect ratio, and tire width.
  • Try different putter styles and offsets until you find one that seems easiest to get on the target line at address.
  • Pile head displacement was measured automatically every 5 minutes by four displacement gauges at 90° offsets mounted on two reference beams supported by steel posts on either side.
2.1 Surveying A short distance measured perpendicularly from the main line of measurement.
Example sentences
  • The accuracy in measuring the vertical offset is constrained by the resolution of the available maps and errors are no more than + / - 10 m.
  • The first segments make offsets on the abscissas and are steeper and extend approximately above C = 30%.
  • We can estimate this deviation by measuring the same step height with different offsets, or different average positions, of the scanner relative to the surface.
2.2 Electronics A small deviation or bias in a voltage or current.
Example sentences
  • Voltage sensors can set secure voltage offsets.
  • Concerning the gyroscope, two parameters need to be calibrated: voltage offset and volts per degrees per second.
  • A second lookup table stores a plurality of DC adjust values, which are added during operation to further reduce DC offset.
3A side shoot from a plant serving for propagation.
Example sentences
  • Most gardeners propagate sagos from offsets from the mother plant, but you can sow fertilized seeds.
  • For those that do not produce seeds or offsets readily, propagation by bulb-scales is resorted to, each healthy scale being capable of producing a new bulb at its base.
  • They rarely increase from seed, instead multiplying fairly rapidly from offsets of the mother bulb.
3.1A spur in a mountain range.
4 Architecture A sloping ledge in a wall or other feature where the thickness of the part above is diminished.
Example sentences
  • You can also specify part wall thickness or clearance offset.
  • Similar cracks occur at offsets in masonry walls.
5A bend in a pipe to carry it past an obstacle.
Example sentences
  • This will allow for the offset of the venting elbow.
6 [often as modifier] A method of printing in which ink is transferred from a plate or stone to a uniform rubber surface and from that to the paper.
Example sentences
  • It is within that context that we should see this group of about one hundred offset lithographs published in 1970 and 1971.
  • ‘It is one of the most heated debates in the print world: offset vs. direct lithography,’ said Creyts.
  • The offset printing machines allow the simultaneous printing of both sides of the banknotes.


Pronunciation: /ˌôfˈset/
Pronunciation: /ˈôfˌset/
(offsets, offsetting; past and past participle offset)
1 [with object] Counteract (something) by having an opposing force or effect: the deficit has been more than offset by capital inflows
More example sentences
  • An increasing university student population has partly offset these effects.
  • But part of the profit pressure is offset - at least on the income statement - with nonoperating gains.
  • The decline in the primary sector was to an extent offset by the growth in production in the secondary sector.
counterbalance, balance (out), cancel (out), even out/up, counteract, countervail, neutralize, compensate for, make up for, make good, redeem, indemnify;
atone for, make amends for, make restitution for
2 [with object] Place out of line: several places where the ridge was offset at right angles to its length
More example sentences
  • In places these are offset along lines that run at right angles to the magnetic lineaments, but the reasons for this remained a mystery.
  • Climbing the stairs to the upper room you are confronted with The Great Outdoors, a painting with a brave composition of a figure offset to one side of an infinite blue sky.
  • A full frame consists of two 1920x540 line fields, offset slightly.
3 [no object] (Of ink or a freshly printed page) transfer an impression to the next leaf or sheet.

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Syllabification: off·set

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