Definition of openly in English:


Syllabification: o·pen·ly
Pronunciation: /ˈōpənlē


Without concealment, deception, or prevarication, especially where these might be expected; frankly or honestly: he could no longer speak openly of his problems
More example sentences
  • To achieve this vision, we have to address areas of weakness honestly and openly.
  • We also think it is important that such an important issue is debated openly and honestly.
  • I do not want to live in a city which cannot celebrate its diversity openly and honestly.
publicly, for all to see, blatantly, flagrantly, brazenly, boldly, overtly, in full view;
frankly, candidly, explicitly, honestly, sincerely, forthrightly, straightforwardly, bluntly, without constraint, without holding back, straight from the shoulder, straight from the hip


Old English openlīce (see open, -ly2).

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