Definition of organization in English:


Syllabification: or·gan·i·za·tion
Pronunciation: /ˌôrɡənəˈzāSH(ə)n


1An organized body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business, society, association, etc. a research organization
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  • People, departments, and organizations want power and the rewards that go with it.
  • Changes in the leadership lineup are normal in any dynamic organization.
  • This is my fifth season as Master of Ceremonies for this remarkable organization.
company, firm, corporation, institution, group, consortium, conglomerate, agency, association, society;
informal outfit
2The action of organizing something: the organization of conferences and seminars
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  • They will be planning and discussing organization of future events and a form letter on housing issues for students.
  • Seirawan's classification and organization of tactical motifs has its idiosyncrasies.
  • The IIR specialises in conference organisation, property rental and training.
planning, arrangement, coordination, administration, organizing, running, management
2.1The structure or arrangement of related or connected items: the spatial organization of the cells
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  • This would defeat the whole advantage of multicellular organization and lead to a dead end.
  • For centuries, marriage has been a basic element of social organization in societies around the world.
  • The organization of the whole thing is very symphonic in nature, which is deliberate on my part.
structure, arrangement, plan, pattern, order, form, format, framework, composition, constitution
2.2An efficient and orderly approach to tasks: apparent disorder and lack of organization
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  • States could raise armies, but they lacked the resources and organization to turn them into effective instruments of policy.
  • As a result of inadequate supervision and organisation, four of the teenagers drowned.
  • The numbers are there for us to do it, what we need is leadership and organisation.



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  • Get the right ones in place and all the organizational problems somehow get resolved.
  • This time they gave her not only artistic but also total organisational control of the project.
  • The course is run over a four week programme involving management and organisational skills.


Pronunciation: /-SHən-lē/
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  • Musically and organisationally it was often a complete shambles and yet none of this should matter and yet often does.
  • He's now considered as one of the current ‘fathers’ of the Party organisationally and politically.
  • All around the country, parish communities, just like ours were getting together to prepare spiritually as well as organisationally for the Pope's visit.

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