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Syllabification: o·ver·turn


Pronunciation: /ˌōvərˈtərn
[with object]
  • 1Tip (something) over so that it is on its side or upside down: the crowd proceeded to overturn cars and set them on fire
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    • More than 4,000 students overturned cars and threw bottles out of windows at a university in Jiujiang, in the southern province of Jiangxi.
    • A red-haired woman is taken away from the table after she overturns a full bowl of food.
    • It was overturning cars and knocking over down buildings, trying desperately to catch Jordan.
  • 1.1 [no object] Turn over and come to rest upside down, typically as the result of an accident: a large housetrailer overturned in the middle of the road
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    • The car then overturned, coming to rest on its roof on the hard shoulder.
    • The tragedy happened when the Vauxhall hit the central reservation and overturned, coming to rest on the hard shoulder.
    • Any rower whose boat overturns in the ship channel faces a tough job getting to dry land safely.
    capsize, turn turtle, keel over, tip over, topple over, turn over, flip; Nautical pitchpoleupset, tip over, topple over, turn over, knock over, upend


Pronunciation: /ˈōvərˌtərn
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  • 1An act of turning over or upsetting something; a revolution, subversion, or reversal.
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    • For the most part the only people who actually bothered to look at the registration rolls and allow the overturn of bogus objections were a few retirees who volunteer as polling officials during elections.
    • After the overturn of the Qing dynasty, Chinese intellectuals turned their eyes to Western countries and sought new ideas.
    • We had five overturned sledge accidents - every one of our sledges suffered an overturn or two, but luckily no significant damage was incurred.
  • 1.1 Ecology The occasional (typically twice yearly) mixing of the water of a thermally stratified lake.
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    • The pattern of polygonal ridges bounding dish-shaped depressions is interpreted as the product primarily of embryonic overturn of this gravitationally unstable system.
    • In addition oceanic overturn might have brought biologically toxic bottom waters to the surface during periods of climatic change.
    • Some of the largest mafic magmatic events may be related to catastrophic mantle overturn events or slab avalanches.

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