Definition of painless in English:


Syllabification: pain·less
Pronunciation: /ˈpānləs


1Not causing or suffering physical pain: a painless death
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  • Yet, at the same time, once our pets become seriously ill, we are ready to ease their suffering and provide a painless end to their misery.
  • Physicians are believed to know how to ensure a painless death, and they are in a position to offer palliative care knowledgeably.
  • The punishment for this person consists of a quick painless death.
1.1Involving little effort or stress: a painless way to travel
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  • Every effort to make the transition smooth and painless will be appreciated.
  • The company does a hundred little things to make traveling by air simple, easy, and painless.
  • Thank you Norton, for making it easy and painless to get that info.
informal as easy as pie, a piece of cake, child's play, a cinch



More example sentences
  • It travels painlessly along the 22 feet of small intestine, clearly showing tumours, lesions or evidence of Crohn's disease.
  • The device - VacGroom - can be attached to a vacuum cleaner and sucks stray hair painlessly off the dog, leaving it with a shining coat.
  • Cataracts ‘ripen’ and then can be removed easily and painlessly.


More example sentences
  • Lasers are said to have four advantages in surgery - safety, speed, painlessness and success.
  • To the novice surgeons he states, ‘Perform them with each hand and with both together, your object being to attain ability, grace, speed, painlessness, elegance and readiness.’
  • Our study suggests that the painlessness of the disease may be partly due to intraneural invasion of bacilli.

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