Definition of pantheism in English:


Syllabification: pan·the·ism
Pronunciation: /ˈpanTHēˌizəm


1A doctrine that identifies God with the universe, or regards the universe as a manifestation of God.
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  • Here, life is presented as purely immanent to itself and without a lapse into transcendent views of nature such as pantheism and animism.
  • Similarly, students could study, as part of their understanding of Western monotheism and Eastern pantheism and non-theism, different ideas about how the metaphysical acts upon and manifests in the physical.
  • I think they also feel threatened because this starts to get close to the more democratic religious beliefs of pantheism, wherein the divine becomes manifest in every-thing.
2 rare Worship that admits or tolerates all gods.
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  • Archaeological evidence suggests the same, indicating that only later did mankind degenerate into idolatrous pantheism.
  • However the overwhelming majority of classical Jewish thinkers in the past 500 years have categorically refused to choose between pantheism and monotheism.
  • He preached a strict monotheism, opposed both to the secular morality of educated Chinese and to the pantheism of popular religion.


mid 18th century: from pan- 'all' + Greek theos 'god' + -ism.



More example sentences
  • A Manichean who believes the world is essentially evil will draw radically different moral lessons than a pantheist who finds God present everywhere in his creation.
  • Because of his ecstatic effusions on nature, Shelley is sometimes labeled a pantheist.
  • The original inhabitants of Oman were pantheists, worshiping various goddesses and gods.


Pronunciation: /ˌpanTHēˈistik/
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  • This educated man explained that the local spirits are theoretically subject to a supreme god, the sun, but that paganism is pantheistic rather than incipiently monotheistic.
  • Low mysticism is immanent, relies on a sort of pantheistic organicism; high mysticism is transcendent, depending on gods / God that is beyond.
  • He then preached against their pantheistic idolatries and urged them to repent.


Pronunciation: /ˌpanTHēˈistikəl/
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  • The followers of Kant have selected now one now another doctrine from his ethics and combined therewith various pantheistical systems.
  • Toland was an atheist who had falsely attributed pantheistical opinions to Moses.


Pronunciation: /ˌpanTHēˈistik(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • Here the totality of all the separate beings are sometimes seen pantheistically and spiritualistically as comprising the cosmic Superbeing.
  • A friend of mine, a Catholic, views God almost pantheistically, as the sum of the physical laws of the universe, and uses quantum mechanics as a "god idea" so to speak.

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