There are 2 main definitions of paramount in English:


Syllabification: par·a·mount
Pronunciation: /ˈperəˌmount


1More important than anything else; supreme: the interests of the child are of paramount importance
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  • Free trade is a principle which recognizes the paramount importance of individual action.
  • Victory is paramount and anything that gets in the way is deemed the enemy that must be destroyed at all costs.
  • I didn't do anything about it; her happiness was still of paramount importance in my mind.
1.1 [attributive] Having supreme power: a paramount chief
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  • Social contact with the outside world was absolutely crucial to maintaining the power of paramount chiefs.
  • The role of the United States as a paramount power is somewhat comparable to Great Britain in the nineteenth century.
  • It wasn't land ownership exactly, but the paramount chiefs were allowed to allocate land rights to residents.


mid 16th century (in the sense 'highest in jurisdiction' in the phrases lord paramount and paramount chief): from Anglo-Norman French paramont, from Old French par 'by' + amont 'above'.



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  • At the same time it proclaimed the sanctity of the emperor's person and the paramountcy of his power.
  • All the rules and regulations laid down by FIFA over the years have stipulated in minute details that professional players and clubs must at all times be guided by the paramountcy of nations.
  • Suborned peoples, of all creeds and cultures, were permitted to conduct their affairs autonomously - so long as they recognized his paramountcy.


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  • Whether a challenged legislative enactment, state or local, possessing aspects of "state-wide concern" and of "local affairs," is primarily or paramountly a matter of "local affairs and government" under the home rule amendment or of "state-wide concern" under the exception thereto is for the courts to determine.
  • Einstein was indeed a giant of physics; but why this zeal to idolize and ultimately deify him? Are we biased to the same degree for all the other paramountly important scientists? Do we, first of all, at least know all the other paramountly important scientists?

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