Definition of parliamentarian in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌpärləmənˈterēən/


1A member of a parliament, especially one well versed in parliamentary procedure and experienced in debate.
Example sentences
  • The President shall appoint a parliamentarian to provide parliamentary opinion during meetings of the Advisory Councils and the annual business meeting of the Association.
  • Neither the candidates nor the people seem to know what is expected of them as parliamentarians or as members of legislatures.
  • As a professed radical, he was to prove a singularly jaded observer of parliaments, parliamentary processes, and parliamentarians.
2 historical A supporter of Parliament in the English Civil War; a Roundhead.
Example sentences
  • England was soon engaged in a civil war between the parliamentarians and the royalists.
  • Knollys was a prominent courtier and parliamentarian during Elizabeth I's reign.


1Relating to Parliament or its members: parliamentarian committees
More example sentences
  • In 1990, Mongolia became a free and democratic country with a multi-party parliamentarian system under a president.
  • Women activists, including Cabinet ministers, have also joined in the fight for women representation in key positions and have thus, formed a parliamentarian women's caucus group.
  • ‘Since the foreign ministry will play a key role leading the foundation, it would be much more appropriate for the unit to focus on party diplomacy and parliamentarian diplomacy,’ Chen said.
2 historical Relating to the Roundheads.
Example sentences
  • Gadbury, conversely, rejected his early parliamentarian sympathies, became an ardent royalist, and flourished after the Restoration of 1660.
  • As he lay dying, he suddenly realised to his horror that he had been shot by his own brother, who was a member of the parliamentarian garrison.
  • Medals were worn in the 17th century by both Dutch and Swedish troops engaged in the Thirty Years War, and British parliamentarian troops who fought at Dunbar in 1650 were awarded a medal for that event.



Pronunciation: /ˌpärləˌmenˈterēəˌnizəm/
Example sentences
  • However, increasing right-wing movement and military intervention into politics pushed Japan to gradually move away from democracy and parliamentarianism toward militarism, totalitarianism, and expansionism.
  • A section of politicians from traditional right-wing parties are turning towards right-wing populism, with its chauvinist and xenophobic programme combined with a large dose of hostility towards parliamentarianism.
  • After all, the values of parliamentarianism (self-government, free speech, the right of opposition) did not support imperial rule.

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Syllabification: par·lia·men·tar·i·an

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