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Syllabification: per·for·mance
Pronunciation: /pərˈfôrməns


  • 1An act of staging or presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment: Don Giovanni had its first performance in 1787
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    • It is dedicated to presenting concerts and performances with a meaning.
    • The show follows the traditional plot of the fairytale story but with plenty of comedy and slapstick to keep the crowds entertained for both evening and matinee performances.
    • There, pageants and performances could be presented against the authentic background of Clifford's Tower and the Castle Museum buildings.
    show, production, showing, presentation, staging; concert, recital
    informal gig
  • 1.1A person’s rendering of a dramatic role, song, or piece of music: Bailey gives a sound performance as the doctor
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    • Highly stylized dramatic performances were accompanied by music.
    • It also includes songs and live music performances, although the core of the show is still the Irish folk dance.
    • I would like to thank the young people who worked to put on a wonderful performance of Sound of Music at the Wyvern.
    rendition, rendering, interpretation, reading, playing, acting, representation
  • 1.2 [in singular] informal A display of exaggerated behavior or a process involving a great deal of unnecessary time and effort; a fuss: he stopped to tie his shoe and seemed to be making quite a performance of it
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    fuss, production, palaver, scene, business, pantomime
    informal song and dance, big deal, to-do, hoo-ha
  • 2The action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function: the continual performance of a single task reduces a man to the level of a machine
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    • Judicial immunity promotes independence by allowing the fearless performance of the judicial function.
    • It is addressing a different realm of discourse, namely, performance of judicial functions.
    • How do you say it impairs their performance of their functions as judges?
    carrying out, execution, discharge, accomplishment, completion, fulfillment, dispatch, implementation
    formal effectuation
  • 2.1An action, task, or operation, seen in terms of how successfully it was performed: pay increases are now being linked more closely to performance a dynamic performance by Davis
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    • Can the people afford to trust the group with its record of failure in terms of performance and financial management?
    • Dublin remains a divided city in terms of academic performance.
    • I will measure performance in terms of achievement at the top line taking into account how much money we put behind the brands.
  • 2.2The capabilities of a machine, vehicle, or product, especially when observed under particular conditions: the hardware is put through tests that assess the performance of the processor
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    • Not if you were raised on a steady diet of hot rods, muscle cars and performance vehicles.
    • The machines sharing the work usually come to have different performance capabilities.
    • The operator can notice changes in machine performance and handling to some degree.
    functioning, working, operation, running, behavior, capabilities, capability, capacity, power, potential
  • 2.3The extent to which an investment is profitable, especially in relation to other investments.
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    • Many investors first consider the investment performance of a unit trust before they actually buy units.
    • Investment performance is dependent on fund managers making good decisions consistently.
    • Returns also vary with the investment performance of the financial experts managing the funds.
  • 2.4 (also linguistic performance) Linguistics An individual’s use of a language, i.e., what a speaker actually says, including hesitations, false starts, and errors. Often contrasted with competence.
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    • The notion is intended to replace his dichotomy of competence and performance.

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