Definition of perihelion in English:


Syllabification: per·i·he·li·on
Pronunciation: /ˌperəˈhēlēən

noun (plural perihelia /-ˈhēlyə, -ˈhēlēə/ or perihelions)

The point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is closest to the sun. The opposite of aphelion.
More example sentences
  • He calculated to within a month the return in 1759 of Halley's comet to its perihelion (closest point to the Sun).
  • For objects orbiting Earth, periapsis and apoapsis are known as perigee and apogee; for objects orbiting the Sun, these locations are known as perihelion and aphelion.
  • This affects the climate because the influx of solar energy to our planet would then vary between perihelion and aphelion by a larger proportion than at present.


mid 17th century: alteration of modern Latin perihelium (by substitution of the Greek ending -on), from Greek peri- 'around' + hēlios 'sun'.

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