Definition of petrography in English:

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Pronunciation: /pəˈträɡrəfē/


The branch of science concerned with the description and classification of rocks, especially by microscopic study. Compare with petrology.
Example sentences
  • All aspects of oceanic island rocks, including petrography, volcanology, and geochemistry, are inter-related. Thus, no one scale of observation is entirely satisfactory to understanding their origin.
  • The field-based studies were supplemented by thin-section petrography and whole-rock geochemistry to characterize different intrusive phases.
  • The lavas have been divided into two main series (informally called the lower volcanics and the plateau basalts) based on their stratigraphy, geochemistry and petrography.



Pronunciation: /pəˈträɡrəfər/
Example sentences
  • But there are some questions that even the best petrographer cannot answer, such as whether a chemical admixture was used in the mix and, if so, how much, what type of Portland cement was used, or what the water/cement ratio was.
  • If the petrographer can document that such changes occurred during the laboratory examination, that may provide useful information on the concrete's condition.
  • If you want to unravel the mystery of why your nonstructural concrete cracked, your best option is to consult your competent, friendly petrographer.


Pronunciation: /ˌpetrəˈɡrafik/
Example sentences
  • Interpretation of these spherules as impact-related has been challenged, but is supported by petrographic contrasts with volcanic ejecta, iridium and related siderophile anomalies, Ni-rich spinels and chromium isotopes.
  • Destructive geochemical methods are commonly combined with petrographic methods (thin sections, stained sections, cathodoluminescence) to interpret the history of rock cementation.
  • Various combinations of these processes are invoked to account for the range of geochemical and petrographic features in tale-alkaline continental margin volcanic arc suites.


Pronunciation: /ˌpetrəˈɡrafikəl/
Example sentences
  • During the mid-1980s to early 1990s more research took place that involved detailed petrographical and geochemical studies on the syenites, alkaline, and peralkaline rocks.
  • The petrographical and geochemical data provide little evidence for the existence of a contemporaneous volcanic arc and the igneous material is interpreted instead to have been derived from a palaeovolcanic source.
  • The provenance of turbidites from the predominantly Arenig-aged Manx Group has been constrained using petrographical and geochemical techniques.
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