Definition of pickpocket in English:


Syllabification: pick·pock·et
Pronunciation: /ˈpikˌpäkət


A person who steals from other people’s pockets.
More example sentences
  • The beggars in the city also indicate that there are thieves, pickpockets, robbers and the like lurking around.
  • Last Tuesday, police community support officers patrolled the market, keeping an eye out for thieves and pickpockets, while distributing crime prevention leaflets to stallholders and shoppers.
  • There are well-documented gangs of child pickpockets and other assorted thieves operating on both sides of the border.
thief, petty thief, purse-snatcher, sneak thief
archaic cutpurse


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Steal from the pockets of (someone): she stopped in New Orleans where she skillfully pickpocketed tourists [no object]: an elderly man caught pickpocketing in Times Square
More example sentences
  • Many papers had to be filed about the last person who tried to pickpocket him and ended up in the hospital.
  • If you're just going to offer me a job, then why try to pickpocket me?
  • Everyone is out to pickpocket you, auto drivers cheat, cabs are too costly and anything served by the roadside is a local delicacy that is a must have and cheap.

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