Definition of picture in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈpik(t)SHər/


1A painting or drawing: draw a picture of a tree
More example sentences
  • The various pictures, drawings and paintings had their captions in Irish.
  • He writes and prints in periodicals verses, drawings and reproductions of pictures which he draws with a brush held in his mouth.
  • More than a dozen original pictures (both drawings and paintings) of the dodo now exist.
painting, drawing, sketch, oil painting, watercolor, print, canvas, portrait, portrayal, illustration, artwork, depiction, likeness, representation, image, icon, miniature, landscape;
fresco, mural, wall painting
informal oil
1.1A photograph: we were warned not to take pictures
More example sentences
  • The photographer wants to take pictures of me with my laptop.
  • A production photographer wants to take pictures of us next to the famous Emmerdale sign.
  • The use of long lens photography to take pictures of people in private places without their consent is also forbidden.
photograph, photo, snap, snapshot, shot, print, slide, transparency, exposure, still, enlargement
1.2A portrait: have her picture painted
More example sentences
  • How could these critics of Raphael's unrealistic depictions of the world turn around and paint endless pictures of Ophelia?
  • We've probably seen a picture or a portrait of them, or some depiction, which passes for a portrait.
  • He then moved to Nigeria, where he lived for nearly 25 years, working as a magistrate and a high court judge and painting pictures of people he met.
1.3 archaic A person or thing resembling another closely: she is the very picture of her mother
More example sentences
  • He's the picture of his father, he's a bonny young Irish boy.
  • "He's the picture of his old sire, Lazzarone," he continued, looking the horse over critically.
  • She's the very picture of her. I saw it at once. When I first went into the room I could hardly believe my own eyes.
personification, embodiment, epitome, essence, quintessence, perfect example, soul, model
1.4An impression of something formed from an account or description: a full picture of the disaster had not yet emerged
More example sentences
  • But let us hear Socrates out, and get a view of the full picture, as he argues that it would be wrong for him to escape into exile.
  • Figures like this are exceptional in the extreme and give a completely unrepresentative impression of the national picture.
  • The long-term picture is impressive in light of poor mechanisation levels in the country.
concept, idea, impression, view, (mental) image, vision, visualization, notion
1.5An image on a television screen.
Example sentences
  • Just as yesterday, our televisions screens relayed pictures of running battles with police.
  • Anna stood outside beside the exit door, and watched the rows of television screens displaying pictures of the roller coaster ride.
  • Fog, frost and even poor television pictures are some of the main problems.
1.6A movie: it took five honors, including best picture
More example sentences
  • The movies or pictures as they were called then were the only night out for the locals, many of whom were non-drinkers.
  • The picture doesn't include explicit nudity, but it's about as close as you can get.
  • But then the movie soon deteriorates into a sub - standard horror picture.
movie, film, motion picture, feature film;
director's cut
informal flick
dated moving picture
1.7 (the pictures) The movies: I’m going to the pictures with my buddies
More example sentences
  • This was the start of going to the pictures with my Grandma.
  • As a teenager, going to the pictures was the thing that everyone did.
  • Even if you weren't going to the pictures, it was impossible not to notice how many people were waiting outside most of the cinemas for the film to start.


[with object]
1Represent (someone or something) in a photograph or picture: he is pictured with party guests
More example sentences
  • The poem begins along the right edge of a rice paper sheet next to a vertical strip of black and white photographs picturing Cha obscuring her face with her hands.
  • He is pictured at the party with former employees.
  • A calendar picturing semi-naked men, shot in aid of a village school, has caused uproar after proving too hot to handle.
photograph, take a photograph/photo of, snap, shoot, film
paint, draw, sketch, depict, delineate, portray, show, illustrate
1.1Describe (someone or something) in a certain way: the markets in London and New York are usually pictured in contrasting terms
More example sentences
  • It is usually pictured in the form of an elk, less often as a bear.
  • It is therefore imperative that your staff members know how they are being described and pictured.
  • I see you're trying to picture this in terms of a cinematic story that can be told on a screen.
1.2Form a mental image of: she pictured Benjamin waiting
More example sentences
  • Then picture him waiting by the window to greet you every morning as you get to work.
  • My imagination won't let me picture Marilyn older than her 36 years.
  • It means having the imagination to picture the world through the eyes of an 18-year-old.
visualize, see in one's mind's eye, conjure up a picture/image of, imagine, see, evoke



be in pictures

chiefly North American Act in movies or work in the motion-picture industry.
Example sentences
  • Like a lot of youngsters, John decided early on that he wanted to be in pictures.
  • They say that he's exactly the same now as when he was in radio, which I believe, because he's exactly the same now as when he was in pictures.
  • Lottie says, ‘Ten years I've been in pictures and hope to be always in some way or other ’.

be (or look) a picture

Be very pleasing to look at.
Example sentences
  • She heard Jingle Bells on the radio and when she looked up her face was a picture as she realised what she was listening to.
  • The Stadium looks a picture at the moment - the best I have seen it to date.
  • The town looks a picture at the moment as you are aware, but there is a substantial cost involved in making all this possible.

the big (or bigger or larger) picture

informal The situation as a whole: he’s so involved in the minutiae that he often overlooks the big picture
More example sentences
  • He sees the big picture of the whole industry, and that generates a lot of respect.
  • Decency paves the way, full of home sweet values which too often are overlooked in the big picture.
  • Nolan has good reason to be excited but he is doing his best not to let the big game divert attention from the big picture.

get the picture

informal Understand a situation.
Example sentences
  • To be honest, I believe it was more difficult to get the picture than to catch the carp.
  • I realize that sounds completely revolting, but I think you get the picture.
  • Scott didn't seem to get the picture, his brain still working on understanding what Jesse had just told him.

in the picture

Fully informed about something.
Example sentences
  • Lee also demonstrates the tying of new patterns so that we are kept fully in the picture.
  • Blogging fills in the picture of which only a small part is reported by journalists.
  • I am indebted to a good friend for making sure I am kept in the picture.
inform, fill in, explain the situation/circumstances to, bring up to date, update, brief, keep posted, clue in, bring up to speed

out of the picture

No longer involved; irrelevant: hostages were better left out of the picture
More example sentences
  • I told him basically, if he was seeing somebody else, that I was out of the picture.
  • But when you take the operations chief out of the picture, it does pose a lot of problems.
  • We'd need him out of the picture to release the surplus for spending.

the (or a) picture of ——

The embodiment of a specified state or emotion: she looked the picture of forbearance
More example sentences
  • This young footballer is the picture of health as he helps make a charity soccer tournament a success.
  • He strode into the surgery briskly with no obvious breathlessness; he looked the picture of health.
  • He was a dour and industrious man who inspired confidence and was the picture of respectability.

(as) pretty as a picture

Very pretty.
Example sentences
  • She was as pretty as a picture - not beautiful, not stark raving mad like me, just pretty.
  • He doesn't put Austen on a pedestal and he doesn't make a film that is pretty as a picture but lacking in any sense of vitality.
  • The world really is as pretty as a picture for the professor, who has recreated the great photographic journeys of the Victorian Age.


Late Middle English: from Latin pictura, from pict- 'painted' (from the verb pingere).

  • The word picture goes back to a form of Latin pingere ‘to paint’, from which paint and pigment (Old English) also derive. Doan's Backache Kidney Pills, claiming to cure everything from rheumatism to diabetes, were promoted with the advertising slogan every picture tells a story. The first known advertisement using it appeared in the Daily Mail of 26 February 1904. The novelist Charlotte Brontë had anticipated the advertising copy, though: in 1847 she wrote in Jane Eyre, ‘The letter-press…I cared little for…Each picture told a story.’ A caption in the magazine Printer's Ink for 8 December 1927, read: ‘Chinese proverb. One picture is worth ten thousand words.’ There is no evidence at all that it is Chinese, but a picture is worth a thousand words has certainly gone on to be a modern English proverb. Depict (Late Middle English) is from the verb depingere ‘portray’, from de- ‘completely’ and pingere.

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