Definition of plainly in English:


Syllabification: plain·ly
Pronunciation: /ˈplānlē


1 [as submodifier] Able to be perceived easily: the lake was plainly visible
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  • Shannah looked at him with disapproval plainly visible in her eyes.
  • The effects of these new attitudes were plainly visible in the changing content of children's schoolbooks.
  • If you know where to look, you can see signposts carved by Nabatean traders, plainly visible on strategic rocks at the head of interconnecting wadis.
1.1 [sentence adverb] Used to state one’s belief that something is obviously or undeniably true: her mother was plainly anxious to leave
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  • Mother's father, plainly a man of some seniority and influence, was a respected surgeon at the same hospital as father.
  • Though he plainly loved his mother, he later said that he never cried at her death.
  • The exceptional categories plainly apply to offences more serious than common assault, but no court has ever decided how far they go.
1.2In a frank and direct way; unequivocally: let me speak plainly
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  • Would he have been able to speak more plainly about Vietnam, as he began to do the year before his murder?
  • Whether she meant temperature, or whether that is what she saw, even she would not have been able to say plainly, but it was a cold that she could feel in her heart as well.
  • I'm waiting for an ad that simply puts the matter plainly: who do you think they want to win the election?
2In a style that is simple and without decoration: the restaurant was plainly furnished
More example sentences
  • It was a plainly yet adequately furnished room with everything arranged with neatness and precision.
  • Together, the two women left the room and headed through the plainly decorated house to the front door.
  • It was maroon and plainly decorated, but she sat down, legs hanging over one side, her head leaning against the back of the chair.

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