Definition of plasma in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈplazmə/
(also plasm /ˈplazəm/)


1The colorless fluid part of blood, lymph, or milk, in which corpuscles or fat globules are suspended.
Example sentences
  • Instead, blood is often separated into its three main components; red blood cells, plasma, and platelets.
  • The use of smaller VTS in humans leads to reduced concentrations of polymorphonuclear cells and cytokines in both plasma and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid.
  • It is composed of: red corpuscles, white cells, platelets, and blood plasma.
1.1Plasma taken from donors or blood donated by donors for administering in transfusions.
Example sentences
  • Patients with IgA deficiency need to be informed about the possibility of having a serious reaction to plasma or blood transfusions, because of antibodies to IgA.
  • Another area of concern is China, where a policy of re-injecting blood donors with plasma to allow them to donate more frequently has infected hundreds of thousands.
  • Every batch of immunoglobulin is manufactured from the pooled plasma of many blood donors, so attention has focused on its potential infective risks.
2An ionized gas consisting of positive ions and free electrons in proportions resulting in more or less no overall electric charge, typically at low pressures (as in the upper atmosphere and in fluorescent lamps) or at very high temperatures (as in stars and nuclear fusion reactors).
Example sentences
  • This expansion of the atmosphere significantly increases the number of microscopic collisions between the satellite and the gases and plasma of the upper atmosphere.
  • Research on nuclear fusion in the 1940s shifted the focus of plasma research from the stars to laboratories on Earth.
  • The photons can break apart, or ionize, molecules and atoms of the atmosphere into protons and electrons, producing plasma.
2.1An analogous substance consisting of mobile charged particles (such as a molten salt or the electrons within a metal).
Example sentences
  • However, shielded metal arc welding, plasma arc, and electron beam welding processes can be used.
  • Due to its lower flame temperature and particle velocity compared with plasma spraying, flame spraying produces a less dense coating having lower adhesion strength.
  • The team grew the nano-needles by saturating droplets of molten gold with zinc oxide plasma.
3A dark green, translucent variety of quartz used in mosaic and for other decorative purposes.
Example sentences
  • Plasma is sometimes considered a green variety of jasper, and sometimes considered as a green and translucent variety of chalcedony.
4 another term for cytoplasm or protoplasm.
Example sentences
  • Analysis of homozygous germline clones can be employed to reveal the role of pleiotropic genes in pole plasm formation.
  • First, we have checked that in K + buffer plasma and mitochondrial potentials were dissipated.
  • Scattered throughout the plasma in cells are organelles called mitochondria.



Pronunciation: /plazˈmadik/
Example sentences
  • The results showed that the patients of group 1 presented low plasmatic levels of vitamin E and that the patients of group 2 presented significantly lower levels of vitamin E after 2 or 4 cycles of cisplatin than before treatment.
  • A small set of membrane proteins, directly energized through the hydrolysis of MgATP, MgGTP or MgPP i, constitutes the basic framework for establishing distinct chemical milieus in the plasmatic and extraplasmatic compartments.
  • Fixation was used in this experiment since it allows rosette particles to partition into the plasmatic fracture face, like the other particles (double ring) of the exocytotic site.


Pronunciation: /-mik/
Example sentences
  • A derivative of Japan's long samurai-manga tradition (especially Lone Wolf and Cub), it has the requisite tangled storyline and some thrilling, plasmic exchanges rendered with a prodigious brush.
  • The crimson puddles stretch into rivers, glisten and clot into islands of plasmic banks.
  • After fish oil-based lipid infusion, a rapid increase in free plasmic eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid levels was noted, rising to an average of approximately 35 and 65 [mu] M, respectively.


Early 18th century (in the sense 'mold, shape'): from late Latin, literally 'mold', from Greek plasma, from plassein 'to shape'.

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