Definition of prestigious in English:


Syllabification: pres·tig·ious
Pronunciation: /preˈstējəs
, preˈstijəs


Inspiring respect and admiration; having high status: a prestigious academic post
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  • The success of these schools can be attributed to the prestigious status accorded to Spanish.
  • Two brave bobbies have been honoured for their courage at a prestigious award ceremony in London.
  • Just a few short months ago I was thrilled to be awarded a column in a prestigious newspaper.
reputable, distinguished, respected, esteemed, eminent, august, highly regarded, well-thought-of, acclaimed, authoritative, celebrated, illustrious, leading, renowned
impressive, important, prominent, high-ranking, influential, affluential, powerful, glamorous;
well paid, expensive, upmarket


mid 16th century (in the sense 'practicing legerdemain'): from late Latin praestigiosus, from praestigiae 'conjuring tricks'. The current sense dates from the early 20th century.



More example sentences
  • This ranking could not have been achieved if it weren't for the prestigiously hard working and responsible students that attend this institution.
  • You spend any time with him and you realize he is a prestigiously talented person with an extraordinary record.
  • Quite odd you're already so prestigiously looked at, being only thirty-four years old, and one of the richest men in the world.


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  • Therefore, in order to operate his attack and mockery towards these so-called heroes who might be leaders of a country or people of prestigiousness, without any restriction the satirist uses symbols.

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