Definition of proprietor in English:


Syllabification: pro·pri·e·tor
Pronunciation: /p(r)əˈprīədər


The owner of a business, or a holder of property.
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  • Its proprietors have managed to fashion a sow's ear out of a silk purse.
  • Each year, thousands of sole proprietors double the size of their businesses by hiring their first employee.
  • If her bid stands, she could become the sole proprietor of the hotel.
owner, possessor, holder, master/mistress;
landowner, landlord/landlady;
innkeeper, hotel-keeper, hotelier, storekeeper



Pronunciation: /p(r)əˌprīəˈtôrēəl/
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  • It's a caper through London's East End in the company of four blokes with a proprietorial interest in a boozer, which acts as the control centre for their dodgy enterprises.
  • Road rage is a telling example; that's just people becoming proprietorial about something they should share.
  • It has been free from proprietorial interference for nearly 10 years now.


Pronunciation: /p(r)əˌprīəˈtôrēəlē/
More example sentences
  • It will be strange not to find him standing proprietorially amid the young revellers in the Pleasance courtyard, calling you over for a drink and bending your ear on some matter of Fringe politics.
  • As he proprietorially slaps her buttocks he is saying words she can't make out.
  • Michelle was there too, holding his arm proprietorially.


More example sentences
  • Although California imposes strict limitations on when a trust may own stock or a partnership interest in an accountancy firm, these limitations do not apply to ownership of a sole proprietorship.
  • Choose the right business entity: Many new entrepreneurs choose sole proprietorship because it's easy to set up, yet it offers little protection from lawsuits.
  • Many small businesses start their businesses as sole proprietorships or partnerships.

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