Definition of pseudonym in English:


Syllabification: pseu·do·nym
Pronunciation: /ˈso͞odnim


A fictitious name, especially one used by an author.
More example sentences
  • He has also published several thrillers under the pseudonym Dan Kavanagh.
  • Aragon's writings circulated anonymously or under pseudonyms.
  • All of the names in this paper are pseudonyms, and I have left student texts unedited for spelling or grammar except where indicated by square brackets.
pen name, nom de plume, assumed name, false name, alias, professional name, sobriquet, stage name, nom de guerre


early 19th century: from French pseudonyme, from Greek pseudōnymos, from pseudēs 'false' + onuma 'name'.



Pronunciation: /ˌso͞odnˈimətē/
More example sentences
  • The dangers are especially keen in the case of a figure like Bataille whose persona was often veiled behind the ruse of pseudonymity.
  • Richard Bauckham's essay on the rise of apocalyptic is the most impressive; the least impressive is Joyce Baldwin's resistance to seeing pseudonymity in the Old Testament.
  • The chaplain's pseudonymity in this article was both unnecessary and contrary to the traditions of the clinical pastoral movement.

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