Definition of putrid in English:


Syllabification: pu·trid
Pronunciation: /ˈpyo͞otrəd


1(Of organic matter) decaying or rotting and emitting a fetid smell.
More example sentences
  • They all in general had putrid gums, the spots and lassitude, with weakness of their knees.
  • The egg cracks open and a putrid gas squirts out.
  • She felt the scent of putrid alcohol and knew she was doomed.
decomposing, decaying, rotting, rotten, bad, off, putrefied, putrescent, rancid, moldy;
foul, fetid, rank
1.1Of or characteristic of rotting matter: the putrid smells from the slaughterhouses
More example sentences
  • The dog growled again, its breath hot and putrid.
  • She shivered as their chilled breath filled the air, suffocating her with its putrid weight.
  • She ignored my first comment, but to the second, she chirped, ‘No, you smell like putrid tuna.’
1.2 informal Very unpleasant; repulsive: the cocktail is a putrid pink color
More example sentences
  • The putrid green color coats the inside of his lids.
  • The paint had almost completely rusted off and the few remaining patches of color were a putrid shade of green.
  • Well folks, that go-along attitude and curiosity have together congealed into a large putrid mass of disgust.


late Middle English: from Latin putridus, from putrere 'to rot', from puter, putr- 'rotten'.



Pronunciation: /pyo͞oˈtridətē/
More example sentences
  • It is a disgusting bird, with its bald scarlet head formed to wallow in putridity.
  • She takes on the putridity with all the imagination at her command to build something anew from the ruins.
  • Boxing Helena is hereby pronounced guilty of abysmal putridity.


More example sentences
  • The Raffalesia plant, also known as the ‘corpse plant’, was putridly sickening.
  • We would run to him, sweaty and out of breath, and he would embrace us both, and tell me how putridly I stunk of perspiration.
  • He either locks himself inside that dusty old library, or remains in that putridly small studio of his.


More example sentences
  • On the other hand, the Dolby Digital soundtracks are just fine and really enhance the overall putridness of Vanilla Ice and his band.

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