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Pronunciation: /kwōt/


[with object]
1Repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech), typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker: he quoted a passage from the Psalms [with direct speech]: “The stream mysterious glides beneath,” Melinda quoted [no object]: when we told her this she said, and I quote, “Phooey!”
More example sentences
  • For proof look no further than last week's UK Press Gazette, which quoted Lord Wakeham's speech at the Bank of Scotland awards.
  • He quoted Paul Harris' words, ‘This is a changing world, and we must be prepared to change with it.’
  • One writer has noted 193 Scripture texts quoted by Patrick; 118 of these from the New Testament.
recite, repeat, reproduce, retell, echo, parrot, iterate;
take, extract
1.1Repeat a passage from (a work or author) or statement by (someone): the prime minister was quoted as saying that he would resist all attempts to “sabotage” his government he quoted Shakespeare, Goethe, and other poets
More example sentences
  • ‘I had not the slightest emotional reaction,’ she's quoted as saying.
  • An unnamed Administration official is quoted as saying, ‘No one thinks the press conference was successful.’
  • He was once quoted as saying: ‘… that's what I'm proud of being, one of the best shopkeepers on the planet.’
1.2Mention or refer to (someone or something) to provide evidence or authority for a statement, argument, or opinion: they won’t be here at all in three years time—you can quote me on that
More example sentences
  • Well, the article in the accountants' newsletter referred to above quotes an example.
  • A new scientific study was quoted in evidence on Richardson's behalf, decisively.
  • In her memorandum opinion, Judge Kessler quoted a declaration by Julia Tarver, the counsel for three of the petitioners.
cite, mention, refer to, name, instance, specify, identify;
relate, recount;
allude to, point out, present, offer, advance
1.3 (quote someone/something as) Put forward or describe someone or something as being: heavy teaching loads are often quoted as a bad influence on research
More example sentences
  • For instance, the authors quote an example of a man who developed osteomyelitis as a consequence of failure to manage the leg ulcers aggressively.
  • They are constantly quoted as evidence that man-made climate change is not happening.
  • Lack of funds to purchase the dustbins and lack of suitable dumping sites are quoted as the main hurdles faced by the local bodies.
2Give someone (the estimated price of a job or service): [with two objects]: the agent quoted a fare of $180
More example sentences
  • Of course, I had no idea how much the journey should cost, so assumed I was being quoted an inflated price.
  • The agent is quoting a guide price of €2.5 million.
  • The agent is quoting a selling price of just over €2.5 million for the building, reflecting a net initial yield of 5.51 per cent.
2.1 Stock Market Give (a company) a quotation or listing on a stock exchange: an organization that is quoted on the Stock Exchange
More example sentences
  • A large number of Japanese companies are currently quoted on the US Stock Exchange.
  • The company, already quoted on the Toronto stock exchange with a value of about £20m, is raising a further £10m to run a feasibility study at its Colombian gold and silver project.
  • It is made up of the 100 largest companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange by value.


1A quotation from a text or speech: a quote from Wordsworth
More example sentences
  • Anyway, I was just looking for the text of his remarks, which I didn't find, but I did find an additional quote from the speech that struck me.
  • Their quotes and epigrams take up a sometimes shocking amount of space in columns and essays.
  • The sad thing is that the quotes and slogans are not only dated - but they're stupid.
2A quotation giving the estimated cost for a particular job or service: quotes from different insurance companies
More example sentences
  • He is now awaiting an insurance quote to ascertain the cost of repairing damage to both the statue and its foundations.
  • The cost of simply getting a quote or estimate for its repair will likely amount to a fair percentage of the replacement cost.
  • Once you have an idea of the areas where you'd like concrete to be poured, contact service professionals to get quotes.
estimate, price, bid, costing, charge, figure, tender
2.1 Stock Market A price offered by a broker for the sale or purchase of a stock or other security.
Example sentences
  • The site offers free real-time stock quotes to those who register.
  • Then, Schwarz called her brokerage firm for a quote on the stock's price.
  • He was very fidgety, he had a pager with him at all times, which he was checking the stock market quotes on, the movements within the day.
2.2 Stock Market A quotation or listing of a company on a stock exchange.
Example sentences
  • This plan has involved disposing of non-core assets and seeking separate stock market quotes for businesses that can be ring-fenced.
  • Other Irish companies with stock market quotes in the US have also suffered heavy downgrades by the market.
  • So United are finding out that a stock market quote has a downside as well as an upside.
3 (quotes) Quotation marks: use double quotes around precise phrases you wish to search for
More example sentences
  • The movement of the networks into primetime with ‘news,’ and I put news in quotes, is a different kind of news.
  • Most spreadsheets will automatically enclose text cells with quotes when exported in CSV format.
  • Throughout the text, double quotes are used when citing literally.


quote —— unquote (also quote, unquote)

informal Used parenthetically when speaking to suggest quotation marks, to indicate the beginning and end of a statement or passage that one is reciting or repeating: the brochure describes the view as, quote, unquote, unforgettably breathtaking the second sentence says, quote, There has never been a better time to invest in the commodities market, unquote
More example sentences
  • But when you're the editor of a magazine at a convention full of quote healers unquote, people will trip over themselves trying to show you how their particular shtick will make you feel better.


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin quotare, from quot 'how many', or from medieval Latin quota (see quota). The original sense was 'mark a book with numbers, or with marginal references', later 'give a reference by page or chapter', hence 'cite a text or person' (late 16th century).

  • This comes from medieval Latin quotare, from quot ‘how many’, source also of LME quota. The original sense was ‘mark a book with numbers, or with marginal references’; later it came to mean ‘give a reference by page or chapter’ which led in the late 16th century to ‘cite a text or person’. Quotation (apart from a rare appearance in Middle English meaning ‘a numbering’) dates from the mid 16th century when it was ‘a marginal reference to a passage of text’. Quotient for the result of dividing one quantity by another comes from Latin quotiens ‘how many times’, from quot.

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