There are 2 definitions of ream in English:


Syllabification: ream
Pronunciation: /rēm


1500 (formerly 480) sheets of paper.
More example sentences
  • In fact, I think the ream of paper sitting next to my printer is actually the same package I bought when I got to New York.
  • Oskar has convinced Bruno to buy him a ream of blank white paper (Oskar terms it ‘virgin’ paper) so that he can write out his autobiography.
  • I bought a ream of paper and kept it close at hand.
1.1A large quantity of something, typically paper or writing on paper: reams of paper have been used to debate these questions
More example sentences
  • But he also wrote reams of unpublished serious music.
  • I wrote reams of poetry in my sixth form days, as a lot of people do.
  • Meeting planners promise that all these new devices will liberate conference-goers from their social insecurities and the reams of paper that can attach themselves to attendees.


late Middle English: from Old French raime, based on Arabic rizma 'bundle'.

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There are 2 definitions of ream in English:


Syllabification: ream
Pronunciation: /


[with object]
1Widen (a bore or hole) with a special tool.
More example sentences
  • Wilson drills and reams a hole that will form the beginning of the bolt channel.
  • If step 4 does not work, you need to go to a machine shop and get the post reamed out of the seat tube.
  • Once cooled, the outer clay is chipped away and the carbonized core reamed out, with the casting filed and chased.
1.1Widen a bore or hole in (a gun or other metal object) with a special tool.
More example sentences
  • After gun drilling, the rough bore must be reamed to establish the desired internal diameter and to improve surface finish.
  • It can also be used in drilling, end milling and reaming applications.
  • Each of the six machines are capable of performing all of the necessary machining processes on each knuckle including milling, drilling, reaming and cutting all ball joint angles and tapers.
1.2North American Clear out or remove (material) from something.
More example sentences
  • Sounding rods were used before antibiotics to ream out a gonorrhoea-mangled urethra.
  • After you have cut the pipe, use the special blade on the tubing cutter to ream out the ‘burr ‘on the inside of the newly cut pipe.’
  • He jumped up and reamed the glass shards out of the windowsill.
1.3North American vulgar slang Have anal intercourse with (someone).
1.4North American informal Rebuke someone fiercely: the agent was reaming him out for walking away from the deal
More example sentences
  • I'm not saying Moore is above criticism either, I really reamed him out earlier this year when he endorsed Clark.
  • We didn't speak the entire way home and I just know he was about to explode and ream me a new one.
  • Too many times, we see a critic veer off the page to ream an author for the facts of his or her life.


early 19th century: of unknown origin.


ream someone's ass (or butt)

North American vulgar slang Criticize or rebuke someone.

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