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Pronunciation: /ˈreɡyələr/


1Arranged in or constituting a constant or definite pattern, especially with the same space between individual instances: place the flags at regular intervals a regular arrangement
More example sentences
  • I sat on a bench, spaced at regular intervals like all the others, indexed by a number, in this case the number One, and dedicated in memoriam to a dead appreciator of the park.
  • Once you've found one nail head, others should be spaced at regular intervals.
  • Semicircular solid bastions were spaced at regular intervals along the ramparts.
methodical, systematic, structured, (well) ordered, (well) organized, orderly, efficient
1.1Happening in such a pattern with the same time between individual instances; recurring at short uniform intervals: a regular monthly check her breathing became deeper, more regular
More example sentences
  • Do you hope eventually to have your own performing space and a regular summer festival?
  • The individual consumer has the regular bill as an incentive to manage his or her use of the phone, but the corporate customer doesn't care too much about the cost and may not even see the bill.
  • When wine is matured in any other form of wooden container it is particularly important that the ullage space is minimized by regular topping up.
uniform, even, consistent, constant, unchanging, unvarying, fixed
rhythmic, steady, even, uniform, constant, unchanging, unvarying
1.2(Of a structure or arrangement) arranged in or constituting a symmetrical or harmonious pattern: beautifully regular, heart-shaped leaves
More example sentences
  • Barely a regular structure, road or building broke the contours of the mountainsides, whose ragged, stony slopes rose straight from the shore to a thousand feet.
  • The regular arrangement of leaves on a stem and trichomes on leaves is generated by lateral inhibition
  • At some sites, corn hills have been carefully arranged in rows, while at others they show no such regular arrangement.
1.3(Of a person) defecating or menstruating at predictable times.
Example sentences
  • Earlier onset of regular menstrual cycles is associated with early regular ovulatory menstrual cycles, a risk factor for the disease.
  • Women with regular menstrual cycles should begin testing for urinary LH about 3 days prior to expected ovulation.
  • Patients were required to have had regular menstrual cycles and to have reported their symptoms for at least two years.
2Done or happening frequently: regular border clashes parties were a fairly regular occurrence
More example sentences
  • The introduction of pay-parking in Naas has been a success, ensuring a regular turn-over of parking spaces.
  • Lancaster for instance, has had regular influxes of ‘outsiders’ for the last 2,000 years.
  • The future of Circular Quay will probably continue to be a future of regular upgrade works spaced approximately 10 to 15 years apart.
frequent, repeated, continual, recurrent, periodic, constant, perpetual, numerous
2.1(Of a person) doing the same thing or going to the same place frequently or at uniform intervals: a regular visitor
More example sentences
  • In addition, many women are among the gallery's regular customers.
  • The woman, a regular customer, explains that her car's radiator is leaking, and she doesn't know how she will get to work.
  • The third is the fact that, besides a few regular customers, the place is practically deserted, and it gives me time to do my homework.
3Conforming to or governed by an accepted standard of procedure or convention: policies carried on by his deputies through regular channels
More example sentences
  • Potted roses aren't less work or responsibility; they simply take up less space than a regular rose garden.
  • This freedom from regular space constraints is perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the competition from an artist's point of view.
  • This is especially obnoxious on a widescreen display, but there is even extra space on a regular television.
established, conventional, orthodox, proper, official, approved, bona fide, standard, usual, traditional, well established, tried and tested
3.1 [attributive] Of or belonging to the permanent professional armed forces of a country: a regular soldier
More example sentences
  • In September 1939 its regular component, the Permanent Force, totalled only 5,385 men.
  • Many people are surprised to learn that the weapons and kit used by the SAS are largely the same as those available to regular British Army soldiers.
  • Apart from some garrison artillery, the regular army comprised staff officers and instructional cadres for the volunteer militia.
3.2(Of a person) properly trained or qualified and pursuing a full-time occupation: a strong distrust of regular doctors
More example sentences
  • When she checks out the position vacancy board at a large local hospital, on a board full of positions advertised for nurses, only five are regular full-time.
  • Government hospitals have a dental surgeon on duty day and night just like a regular duty doctor, Dr. Veerabahu says.
  • Free registration for Wednesday is available to all full-time, regular faculty members of schools of nursing.
3.3 Christian Church Subject to or bound by religious rule; belonging to a religious or monastic order: the regular clergy Contrasted with secular (sense 2 of the adjective).
More example sentences
  • Among regular clergy, the orders of friars retained a slightly double-edged esteem among the laity as skilled confessors and dramatic preachers.
  • In many countries there were more regular than secular clergy.
  • Moreover, there continued to be problems between the secular and regular clergy.
3.4 informal Rightly so called; complete; absolute (used for emphasis): this place is a regular fisherman’s paradise
More example sentences
  • The two on the side were regular rookies, they'll cower upon orders and fail to obey when it really counts.
  • The place was a regular wake.
  • The Blackmon place was a regular old time slave plantation.
4Used, done, or happening on a habitual basis; usual; customary: I couldn’t get an appointment with my regular barber our regular suppliers
More example sentences
  • Books in digital format, also known as e-books, can be read on devices lacking the power and screen space to afford a regular Web browser.
  • Imagine having access to a car whenever you need it, but without the hassle of registration, insurance and having to find regular parking space.
  • However, the slowness of the official channels, and Nicholas's desire to have all strings in his own hand, caused him to bypass the regular processes.
usual, normal, customary, habitual, routine, typical, accustomed, established
4.1chiefly North American Of a normal or ordinary kind; not special: it’s richer than regular pasta
More example sentences
  • Council employees will then visit householders in that area to advise them how to use their green bin and help them to ensure there is space inside their regular rubbish bin for the remainder of their waste.
  • At any time, incorporate single-discipline routines or individual moves into your regular exercise regimen.
  • Hardcoded types are to generic code what magic constants are to regular code.
4.2(Chiefly in commercial use) denoting merchandise, especially food or clothing, of average, medium, or standard size: a shake and regular fries
More example sentences
  • Considering they fail to exceed the average size of regular apartments, prospective tenants may baulk at the use of the term penthouse.
  • Take a diet soft drink instead of a regular soft drink, don't supersize those French fries, get the regular size.
  • We bought the exact same things: slice of pizza, a regular size fry, and a bottle of juice.
4.3North American (Of a person) not pretentious or arrogant; ordinary and friendly: advertising agencies who try to portray their candidates as regular guys
More example sentences
  • But then they love the illusion that they're just regular guys having a regular night out.
  • She asked Renae as if they were two regular teenage best friends gossiping.
  • He may see himself as a regular sort of guy, but he is morally responsible for atrocities.
4.4(In surfing and other board sports) with the left leg in front of the right on the board.
Example sentences
  • Those that have mastered the trick fall into a special category that is neither regular or goofy foot, but switch foot.
  • What do you mean you are a switch foot rider? You are either regular or goofy footed.
5 Grammar (Of a word) following the normal pattern of inflection: a regular verb
More example sentences
  • On the one hand, we can analyse the expression as a regular verb phrase, consisting of a transitive verb followed by its nominal direct object.
  • All verbs are regular & have only one form for each tense or mood; they are not altered for person or number.
  • All new verbs in English are regular, as in glitz, glitzed, glitzed.
6 Geometry (Of a figure) having all sides and all angles equal: a regular polygon
More example sentences
  • These three groups are the fundamental polyform families, being derived from the three regular polygons.
  • But the polygon is a regular polygon, and there's a chart for those in your book, here.
  • This ratio occurs several times in the theory of regular polygons and polyhedra.
6.1(Of a solid) bounded by a number of equal figures.
Example sentences
  • He assigned the tetrahedron to fire, because the tetrahedron is the regular solid with the sharpest angles, and because fire is the most penetrating of elements.
  • From the beginning of the 15th century great interest was taken in the regular solids.
  • The engraving shows that Geometry / Melancholy has not succeeded in fashioning a regular dodecahedron.
7 Botany (Of a flower) having radial symmetry.
Example sentences
  • Resembling the regular lupin, the false lupin produces flowers much looser up the stem in a violet-blue.
  • The leaves, with their regular branching, resemble those of mistletoe: this is still a common plant in the area.
  • Cruciform flowers are regular flowers with four petals cross-shaped.


1A regular customer or member, for example of a bar, store, or team: attracting a richer clientele as its regulars
More example sentences
  • Management and staff extend appreciation to all customers, particularly regulars who gained not only health but wealth benefits.
  • In fact, according to the owner, most of the customers are regulars who come in more than once a week, and have been doing so since it opened eight years ago.
  • The home team were missing some regulars but they fought hard throughout and could have been ahead in the early exchanges.
1.1A regular member of the armed forces.
Example sentences
  • At the start of the Spanish civil war they were the only combat-tested regulars in a short-service conscript army.
  • The final several months of the Pacific war saw American regulars and Filipino guerrillas steadily reducing the area controlled by the Japanese.
  • Instead, the primary US focus remained on killing guerrillas and North Vietnamese regulars.
1.2A member of a political party who is faithful to that party: he plans to sell tickets to the big-money party regulars
More example sentences
  • Desperate as the Democrats are to get back in the game, party regulars find Dean's surge alarming.
  • I mean, he doesn't like to go out drinking at night with the party regulars.
  • When the Mississippi Freedom Delegation tried to seat itself in the Democratic convention of 1964, the party regulars fought savagely and successfully to drive them out.
1.3 Christian Church One of the regular clergy.
Example sentences
  • Overall the role of regulars was diminished and that of secular clergy and even laymen enhanced.
  • It's a very middle-class church, and the regulars are inviting.
  • As a regular at my church, formal dress (suit and tie) was the norm for me.


Late Middle English: from Old French reguler, from Latin regularis, from regula 'rule'.

  • regency from Late Middle English:

    Between 1811 and 1820 George, Prince of Wales was regent (Late Middle English) for his father King George III, who was suffering from a long-term mental illness. The prince was known for his fun-loving lifestyle and support for the arts, and the period of the Regency was noted for its distinctive fashions and architecture—such as, for example, the wildly exotic Brighton Pavilion designed by John Nash. The balls and parties held by the aristocracy of the time are imagined in the romantic historical novels set in this period and called Regency romances. The source of regency is Latin regere ‘to govern, rule’, which means it is related to words like regal (Late Middle English) ‘like a ruler’; rector (Late Middle English) ‘governor’( see vicar); regime (Late Middle English) ‘rule or regulation’; regiment (Late Middle English) which originally had the same sense as regime; region (Middle English) an area governed; regular (Late Middle English) originally ‘governed by a rule’; royal; and rule.

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