Definition of reiterate in English:


Syllabification: re·it·er·ate
Pronunciation: /rēˈidəˌrāt


[reporting verb]
Say something again or a number of times, typically for emphasis or clarity: [with clause]: she reiterated that the administration would remain steadfast in its support [with direct speech]: “I just want to forget it all,” he reiterated [with object]: he reiterated the points made in his earlier speech
More example sentences
  • They carried placards reiterating the need for abolishing child labour and the slogans emphasised the need to end this social menace, which was rampant in developing countries.
  • May I reiterate comments made four years ago, which I will repeat with monotonous regularity until something is done about it.
  • The emphasis on technical skill was reiterated again and again in the Kennedy household.
repeat, say again, restate, retell, recapitulate, go over (and over), rehearse


late Middle English (in the sense 'do (an action) repeatedly'): from Latin reiterat- 'gone over again', from the verb reiterare, from re- 'again' + iterare 'do a second time'.



Pronunciation: /rēˌitəˈrāSHən/
More example sentences
  • Under such circumstances, a culture needs to engage in rather deliberate reiterations of performative norms.
  • What he said was prefaced very clearly with a reiteration of the Chancellor's commitment to complete the assessment of the five economic tests by June 2003.
  • In conjunction with the desire to ward off reflexivity, this reiteration of subject and object suggests that the Center's posthumanist science perpetuates humanist assumptions.


Pronunciation: /-ˌrātiv, -rətiv/
More example sentences
  • We argue this examination needs to take into account the status of Maori under the Treaty, and to recognise the reiterative and regulatory role of media discourses.
  • But her assuming of this identity, here, is intended as an interruption in that reiterative homophobia that promotes and produces certain socially acceptable versions of self, whilst condemning others.
  • Rehabilitation is a reiterative, active, educational, problem solving process focused on a patient's behaviour, with the following components.

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