Definition of reliable in English:


Syllabification: re·li·a·ble
Pronunciation: /rəˈlīəb(ə)l


Consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted: a reliable source of information
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  • In fact, when you look closely, the Net is not a very reliable source of information at all.
  • It takes long enough to track down a reliable set of information sources for domestic companies anyway.
  • The attempt will be to project Kerala as reliable supplier of quality flowers to Europe.
dependable, good, well founded, authentic, valid, genuine, sound, true
truthful, honest
dependable, safe, fail-safe
reputable, dependable, trustworthy, honest, responsible, established, proven


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A person or thing with trustworthy qualities: the supporting cast includes old reliables like Mitchell
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  • They'll instantly transform your old reliables into new stunners.
  • There's very little on the menu that will have you rushing home to experiment, but there are plenty of old reliables and comfort food.
  • There are no new programmes - it's the old reliables, the same cannon fodder across the board.



Pronunciation: /riˌlīəˈbilətē/
More example sentences
  • However, Wakeford questions the fairness and reliability of the judgments to be made by the team of assessors.
  • Its reliability depends, as I will explain later, on how reliable we are at knowing when to think twice.
  • There was no issue here as to the truthfulness or reliability of the police witnesses.


More example sentences
  • Of course, these proxies for reliableness - links, market evaluation, geographic proximity - wouldn't be perfect.
  • Examples are given to show how failure to consider accuracy and reliableness may lead to erroneous conclusions.
  • Please note that we have not made any tests to prove the reliableness of the suppliers.


More example sentences
  • The skulls were used to discover a method of focusing an ultrasound beam accurately and reliably through the skull.
  • It was simple, really, but as with everything Dennis did, quietly, reliably perfect.
  • Human rights cannot be reliably protected unless a locally sustained political authority is in place.

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