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Syllabification: rem·e·dy
Pronunciation: /ˈremədē

noun (plural remedies)

  • 1A medicine or treatment for a disease or injury: herbal remedies for aches and pains
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    • Folk remedies and herbal treatments also are common.
    • Once estrogen replacement is prescribed, a medical practitioner calibrates the remedy.
    • In addition, the family employed traditional remedies and treatment strategies of which the physicians were unaware.
  • 1.1A means of counteracting or eliminating something undesirable: shopping became a remedy for personal problems
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    • As a remedy for the undesirable effects of interventionism they ask for still more interventionism.
    • I think that's a bad remedy for a very, very severe problem.
    • The remedy for the problem was a sound system that involves Holly's teacher wearing a headset with a microphone so her words are amplified through a large speaker.
    solution, answer, cure, antidote, curative, nostrum, panacea, cure-all
    informal magic bullet
  • 1.2A means of legal reparation: the doctrine took away their only remedy against merchants who refused to honor their contracts
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    • Thus, the fact that the estate would have a remedy against a negligent solicitor does not necessarily preclude a claim by the disappointed beneficiary.
    • Criminal libel is the only remedy against this worthless organisation who simply seek publicity for themselves.
    • It is said that the claimants had viable alternative remedies by way of judicial review.
  • 2The margin within which coins as minted may differ from the standard fineness and weight.

verb (remedies, remedying, remedied)

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  • Set right (an undesirable situation): by the time a problem becomes patently obvious, it may be almost too late to remedy it
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    • These initiatives will do nothing towards remedying the situation.
    • In order to determine how to remedy this situation, I conducted an informal poll with a couple of the skateboarding kids in my apartment's parking lot.
    • But even if I had coffee, would it really remedy my situation?
    put/set right, put/set to rights, right, rectify, solve, sort out, straighten out, resolve, correct, repair, mend, make good



More example sentences
  • I embraced two hundred people beset by a remediless disappearance.
  • That's why Milton says ‘the situation seemed remediless.’
  • There are at least three very important safeguards for the patient, which in no way renders him remediless and without protection in a human rights context.


Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French remedie, from Latin remedium, from re- 'back' (also expressing intensive force) + mederi 'heal'.

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