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Syllabification: rend·er
Pronunciation: /ˈrendər


[with object]
  • 1Provide or give (a service, help, etc.): money serves as a reward for services rendered Mrs. Evans would render assistance to those she thought were in real need
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    • It provided them an opportunity to appreciate the various services rendered by these organisations.
    • The services rendered by unqualified and unprofessional staff of old-age homes and day-care centres for the aged with limited resources are found wanting.
    • An award reflects, in right earnest, recognises the services rendered by an individual for a specific purpose in a chosen field.
    give, provide, supply, furnish, contribute; offer, proffer
  • 1.1Submit or present for inspection or consideration: he would render income tax returns at the end of the year
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    • These inspectors will render an accounting of all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and will help oversee their elimination.
    • The Defendants filed a lien against the aircraft without having rendered an invoice for the work performed.
    • Again, from time to time during the performance of the contract, Monaco rendered invoices and received payment from Empire.
    send in, present, submit
  • 1.2 literary Hand over: he will render up his immortal soul
  • 1.3Deliver (a verdict or judgment): the jury’s finding amounted to the clearest verdict yet rendered upon the scandal
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    • The tribunal has yet to render its verdict on the latter matter.
    • I learned that judges, more than anyone, understand that rendering a verdict is a difficult process and a learning process.
    • Furthermore, it had to wait 24 hours before rendering a verdict in a case.
    deliver, return, hand down, give, announce
  • 2 [with object and complement] Cause to be or become; make: the rains rendered his escape impossible
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    • The second possibility centres on the 27-foot-tall tail fin, the loss of which renders an aircraft impossible to control.
    • Lab and diagnostic equipment is strewn about, rendered useless.
    • The goal should not be to render child-rearing costless.
    make, cause to be/become, leave
  • 3Represent or depict artistically: the eyes and the cheeks are exceptionally well rendered
    More example sentences
    • He intimated mortality by rendering the things represented on his canvas as escaping the grasp of our gaze.
    • In the Munich painting, the artist has rendered the child, eyes straying and unfocused, reaching almost blindly for the Virgin's carnation.
    • It demonstrated the artist's skill in rendering the fleeting moment in which sharp pain is reflected in the boy's expression, as in a snapshot.
    paint, draw, depict, portray, represent, execute
    literary limn
    perform, sing
  • 3.1Translate: the phrase was rendered into English
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    • Another of her novels, ‘Kadan’ (‘Runa’ in Kannada) has also been rendered into Tamil.
    • Some of her poems had been rendered into English.
    • Their poetry were all rendered into Tamil.
    translate, put, express, rephrase, reword
  • 3.2 Music Perform (a piece): a soprano solo reverently rendered by Linda Howie
    More example sentences
    • It has given platform to performers who render the music of poet-saints of India.
    • Dialogue is clear, hiss is minimal, and the background music is nicely rendered.
    • Dialogue and music are clearly rendered and, while not exactly expansive, about as rich as mono from an optical source gets.
  • 3.3 Computing Process (an outline image) using color and shading in order to make it appear solid and three-dimensional.
    More example sentences
    • This is due to the fact the software I use for 3D does not utilise the graphics processor to render the images.
    • In Split Frame Rendering mode, the horizontal line moves up and down the screen to show how much of the image is being rendered by each video card.
    • Graphics chips render images by breaking them into small pieces called polygons.
  • 4Covertly send (a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect) for interrogation abroad; subject to extraordinary rendition.
    More example sentences
    • My case is unique in the sense that I was the only person who was rendered from US soil.
    • It is the Jordanians who then rendered him to Syria for torture.
  • 5Melt down (fat): the fat was being cut up and rendered for lard
    More example sentences
    • Add the venison bones, garlic bulb, celeriac, carrots, and bacon and sauté until the bacon fat is rendered, about five minutes.
    • The men conducted most of this heavy work, while the women boiled the leaf fat from the entrails to render lard for shortening and lye soap.
    • In a sauté pan over low heat, cook duck breasts skin side down until golden brown and fat is rendered.
    melt down, clarify
  • 5.1Process (the carcass of an animal) in order to extract proteins, fats, and other usable parts: (as adjective rendered) the rendered down remains of sheep
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    • The animal was then rendered, precluding any subsequent tests.
    • Fresh killed carcasses were then railed to Wellington for freezing and processing or rendered down on the site for tallow.
    • Those animals may be rendered in turn and fed to cattle.
  • 6Cover (stone or brick) with a coat of plaster: external walls will be rendered and tiled
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    • On top the slabs are rendered over to seal them, then covered with oiled mulberry paper to leave a perfectly smooth yellow continuous surface turned up at the skirting.
    • Most ‘stone’ castles in Ireland used to be rendered with rough lime-dashed plaster, mainly in white.
    • The refurbished zinc roof forms an arresting contrast with the cream tiled and rendered walls of the main building.


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  • A first coat of plaster applied to a brick or stone surface.
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    • Set stainless steel beads in position and apply scratch coat render at a thickness of 6/8mm.
    • I removed an area of render to check the brickwork behind.
    • Having cleared and sandblasted the ivy-covered stone, he pointed it with lime mortar but decided ‘for the sake of appearance’ not to use a lime render over the stone.



More example sentences
  • We also met with the official organizations representing U.S. cattle producers, meat processors and renderers.
  • Cumbria's biggest renderer has this week put an £8 price ticket on picking up calf carcasses as the price for their skins continues to linger below the £4 mark.
  • This ‘suspension of disbelief’ is equally important to renderers creating magical environments for games and to practitioners persuading clients of the viability of a proposed project.


late Middle English: from Old French rendre, from an alteration of Latin reddere 'give back', from re- 'back' + dare 'give'. The earliest senses were 'recite', 'translate', and 'give back' (hence 'represent' and 'perform'); 'hand over' (hence 'give (help)' and 'submit for consideration'); 'cause to be'; and 'melt down'.

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