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Syllabification: re·spond·ent
Pronunciation: /rəˈspändənt


1A defendant in a lawsuit, especially one in an appeals or divorce case.
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  • Very well, and these other affidavits, I take it, are affidavits filed by the respondent.
  • The appellant's second ground of appeal is that the respondents are not suitable to be the donor's attorneys.
  • The first respondents to the appeal must pay the appellant's costs of the application.
2A person who replies to something, especially one supplying information for a survey or questionnaire or responding to an advertisement.
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  • Always be clear about how you want respondents to indicate their replies when answering closed questions.
  • The questionnaire invited respondents to comment on each of the 31 indicators.
  • At two years follow up we sent a postal questionnaire to those respondents who had been free of forearm pain at baseline.


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1In the position of defendant in a lawsuit: the respondent defendant
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  • Now, of course, none of the respondent defendants were parties to that action.
  • It was submitted by Counsel for the respondent party that not to decide a matter referred to him for his decision amounted to giving a decision in excess of the jurisdiction of the adjudicator.
  • But if he is named as a respondent, he is a respondent party to the proceedings, is he not?
2Replying to something, especially a survey or questionnaire: the respondent firms in the survey
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  • Analysis included comparison between and within respondent groups.
  • The most disturbing respondent narrative came from a female runner.
  • The unequal sample sizes in the four respondent groups were noted.
3 Psychology Involving or denoting a response, especially a conditioned reflex, to a specific stimulus.
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  • The results demonstrated that the sociality of a situation potentiates respondent laughter.
  • Suppose a student cannot correctly state the distinction between operant and respondent behavior but can shape the lever press.
  • The kind of behavior that is correlated with specific eliciting stimuli may be called respondent behavior, and a given correlation a respondent.


early 16th century (sense 2 of the noun): from Latin respondent- 'answering, offering in return', from the verb respondere (see respond).

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