Definition of rethink in English:


Syllabification: re·think


Pronunciation: /rēˈTHiNGk
(past and past participle rethought) [with object]
Think again about (something such as a policy or course of action), especially in order to make changes to it: the government was forced to rethink its plans [no object]: I’ve had to rethink
More example sentences
  • She once again walked to the L-train station and rethought her plan about using the train instead of a car.
  • I'm rethinking my lifestyle because of the sad economical situation we are facing.
  • When Rob and Louise are suddenly both laid off, their wedding plans are put on hold as they find themselves rethinking their entire lives.


Pronunciation: /ˈrēˌTHiNGk
[in singular] Back to top  
A reassessment of something, especially one that results in changes being made: a last-minute rethink of their tactics
More example sentences
  • I think a rethink of the whole franchise is in order.
  • Indeed, there is even speculation that unless this current muddle can be resolved, the regulator may even be forced to call time on the price rises and order a rethink on the whole matter.
  • But the traditional licensing arrangement is undergoing a major rethink.

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