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Pronunciation: /rəˈvərsəb(ə)l/


1Able to be turned the other way around: a reversible stroller seat
More example sentences
  • It has a staggered 15 round magazine with a reversible magazine release button that can be positioned for either right- or left-handed shooters.
  • All of the streetcars are bright yellow, and have reversible wooden seats inside.
  • The new movable curtains are interchangeable, reversible and can hang upside down, maximising the area exposed to bullet damage and reducing the stress while increasing their serviceable life from three to nine years.
1.1(Of a garment, fabric, or bedclothes) faced on both sides so as to be worn or used with either outside.
Example sentences
  • There are quite a few fabrics suitable for reversible jackets.
  • Beck flipped his jacket inside out, it being a reversible garment, and then pulled off his shirt, changing it with one from the backpack.
  • Then you have these reversible jackets, which have bronzed satin type fabric on one side and oatmeal speckles on the other.
2(Of the effects of a process or condition) capable of being reversed so that the previous state or situation is restored: potentially reversible forms of renal failure
More example sentences
  • ‘But one of the main advantages of Botox is that the side effects are reversible, such as with tosis, which goes away in three months as the drug starts to wear off,’ said McMillan.
  • Since it operates from the ground and its effects are supposedly reversible, it has not generated the controversy associated with ‘space weapons.’
  • And what's really important is that the whole effect is reversible.
2.1 Chemistry (Of a reaction) occurring together with its converse, and so yielding an equilibrium mixture of reactants and products.
Example sentences
  • The product of this reversible reaction is synthesis gas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide that can be stored at ambient temperatures and transported to where energy is needed.
  • Both types of reaction are reversible and produce an ester and water.
  • Le Châtelier realized that the carbon monoxide formed carbon dioxide and carbon in a reversible reaction, for which the iron oxides acted as a catalyst.
2.2 Physics (Of a change or process) capable of complete and detailed reversal, especially denoting or undergoing an ideal change in which a system is in thermodynamic equilibrium at all times.
Example sentences
  • The essential process involves a reversible change of state, i.e., liquid to vapor to liquid.
  • Each sensor of the array undergoes a reversible change in electrical resistance when exposed to a vapor or analyte.
  • Upon heating, they undergo a reversible transition leading to a partly a-helical structure.
2.3 Chemistry (Of a colloid) capable of being changed from a gel into a sol by a reversal of the treatment that turns the sol into a gel.
Example sentences
  • Consider a reversible gel in aqueous solvent with the polymers constituting the gel consisting of hydrophobic groups separated by hydrophilic spacers, as in the RG model.
  • Experiments on the physical properties of this barrier appear to be in conflict with current physical understanding of the rheology of reversible gels.
  • Now assume that a macromolecule contains reversible linker groups allowing weak links with the gel.



Pronunciation: /rəˌvərsəˈbilədē/
Example sentences
  • For the correct treatment to be prescribed, the severity of your asthma as well as its reversibility will have to be assessed by pulmonary function tests and possibly other tests as well.
  • However, the reversibility of this phenomenon was confirmed in cell-attached recordings where application and release of membrane tension is more straightforward.
  • The reversibility of the high-temperature transitions has been established by decreasing the temperature to 35°C and studying the cooling behavior.


Pronunciation: /-blē/
Example sentences
  • Blood vessels have been reversibly vitrified, and whole kidneys have been recovered and successfully transplanted after cooling to -45°C while protected with vitrification chemicals.
  • The electrodes target the ‘sub thalamic nucleus’, a group of cells that stimulate the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and are reversibly inhibited by this method.
  • Behavioral mutants of Drosophila and, in particular, those that reversibly paralyze on exposure to nonpermissive temperatures have helped to identify molecules essential for neuronal conduction and synaptic transmission.

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