Definition of right-handed in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌrītˈhandəd/


1(Of a person) using the right hand more naturally than the left: the slant of the stab wounds suggested that the assailant was right-handed
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  • ‘I do everything opposite from what the defender, after facing so many right-handed players, naturally expects,’ he smiles.
  • For the first month I could do nothing, and for a right-handed person life became very difficult.
  • Common everyday objects are designed for right-handed people.
1.1(Of a tool or item of equipment) made to be used with the right hand or by right-handed people: a right-handed guitar
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  • We have to adapt to their right-handed implements and look silly trying to use them.
  • Weir never looked back and used his unique ability to his advantage by examining right-handed equipment and player's techniques.
  • This particular model has a useful feature in that, since the weights are internal and are able to shift (by simply tipping the thing up) it can be used as either a left-handed or a right-handed planer.
1.2Made or done with the right hand, or in a manner natural to right-handed people: right-handed batting
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  • Island Sand was positioned to the outside of Two Trail Sioux in the stretch, where both Bailey and Day encouraged their mounts with right-handed whip action.
  • Peter says his right-handed writing is purely for on-paper work.
  • There is no doubt that such children suffered greatly from being forced against their will to change from left-handed to right-handed writing.
2Going toward or turning to the right, in particular.
Example sentences
  • Stakes winner Super Frolic gamely responded under right-handed urging from Joe Bravo, however, and unleashed a powerful kick to close in on Built Up, only to fall a head short at the wire.
  • Truly a Judge did not yield under right-handed urging from Pedroza as he crossed the wire in 1: 47.06 over a fast track to earn his third victory in his last four starts.
  • If you look at a feather under a microscope, you see the main stem, with barbs coming out to the left and right, and from these you have left-and right-handed barbules.
2.1(Of a screw) advanced by turning clockwise.
Example sentences
  • It can be inferred that, by 1700, Moxon treated the right-handed screw as an established norm.
  • Even though I am a lefty and do not buy right-handed bolts, there was always hope the manufacturer would make a special run (hope springs eternal).
  • The screw arm has right-handed threads on one side of the brass wheel and left-handed threads on the other.
2.2 Biology (Of a spiral shell or helix) dextral.
Example sentences
  • In a right-handed shell, the aperture appears on the observer's right when the shell is held with the apex up and the aperture facing the observer.
  • Subsequent nuclear magnetic resonance studies established that the helices are right-handed.
  • The atoms of natural sugars are all laid out in an asymmetrical manner, having a right-handed spiral twist.
2.3(Of a racecourse) turning clockwise.
Example sentences
  • Ascot is a right-handed, wide track, 1miles 6furlongs round, with sweeping bends and a short home straight (less than three furlongs).
  • The track is a right-handed 1m3f circuit with an uphill run-in.
  • A second, two thirds and a fourth from four Festival visits - not bad for a horse who supposedly prefers right-handed tracks.


With the right hand, or in a manner natural to right-handed people: Jackson bats right-handed
More example sentences
  • As these bows more closely resemble a longbow, they can be shot either right-handed or left-handed, due to the ‘wrap-around’ type grip.
  • He also would bowl the first ball right-handed and challenge himself to pick up the spare left-handed, then starting lefty and finishing righty.
  • The son of a Sydney grocer, Rosewall was a natural left-hander but was taught to play right-handed by his father and developed a peerless backhand.





Pronunciation: /ˈˌrīt ˈˌhandədnəs/
Example sentences
  • No-one understands the preponderance of, or reason for, human right-handedness, and it has not been found to be related to any motor or cognitive behaviour, other than measures of fine-finger dexterity.
  • This NY Times article describes Dr. Amar J. S. Klar's hypothesis that there is a specific dominant gene that causes right-handedness.
  • Living in his mirror image world would be a real pain - after a lifetime of right-handedness, I don't think I could get used to being a southpaw.

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