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roller skate

Syllabification: roll·er skate


Each of a pair of boots, or metal frames attached to shoes, with four or more small wheels, for gliding across a hard surface.
More example sentences
  • The four wheels and the metal plate on a roller skate are much heavier than the single blade on an ice skate.
  • The softboot skates feel more like a hiking boot than a roller skate.
  • He came up with a four-wheel skate with two pairs of wheels side by side, and so the modern four-wheel roller skate was created.


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Glide across a hard surface wearing roller skates.
More example sentences
  • But whenever I asked if I might do something, roller-skate around the block or play over at a friend's house, she got a distant, weary look.
  • I used to roller-skate into the sides of cars.
  • But most people become friends because they both like to ride bicycles, go roller-skating or play computer games together.


roller skater

More example sentences
  • I'm a roller skater, and when I heard they had skaters, and they were homosexuals, that was it for me.
  • There is a lovely video by a Belgian artist that is a collage of pretty much unrelated scenes - roller skaters, girls screaming, clouds darkening a mountain.
  • Jumps are more difficult because it's harder to get off the ground, although some world-class roller skaters can turn three revolutions in the air.


(also roller skating) noun
More example sentences
  • It is fun to go with your loved one or even your best friend just roller-skating in a nearby park.
  • But Cleveland residents like their in-line roller-skating and their baseball.
  • In the first, the protagonist is seen in a terry cloth one-piece roller-skating away from the camera on the Seapoint promenade.

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