Definition of rural in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈro͝orəl/


In, relating to, or characteristic of the countryside rather than the town: remote rural areas
More example sentences
  • Each Special is allocated a beat or a shift either in the town centre or the rural areas.
  • There had been a huge population drift from the rural areas to the towns and cities.
  • There he showed how much he was listening to the countryside by thumping a rural protestor.
country, countryside, bucolic, rustic, pastoral;
agricultural, agrarian
informal country-fried
literary sylvan, georgic



Example sentences
  • If Edmonton can't support a jazz festival then it is a reflection of Edmonton's ruralism and redneck attitude, not the efforts of the Edmonton Jazz Festival!
  • Many locals tend to respond in the affirmative, perhaps in the spirit of romantic ruralism that so often possesses modern urban souls.
  • On the whole, the devotees of romantic ruralism won out, seeking to rule Iraq through the tribal sheiks.


Example sentences
  • The Royal Agricultural Show at Stoneleigh seemed the place to find out - a great beer-tent-and-bacon-butty get-together of the clans of round-vowelled, clotted-faced ruralists.
  • The enforcement of the game laws, feudal in origin, peaked during the industrial revolution, separating ruralists from their source of sustenance and pressuring them to accept wage labor.
  • The presence of a hammer dulcimer, along with the more typical guitar, bass, and drums, is what sets Tulsa Drone's sound apart from other arty ruralists.


Pronunciation: /ro͝oˈralitē/
Example sentences
  • It is as if all the ingredients of the Telluride stew - bluegrass and blues, mellowness and orneriness, ballet and snowboarding, urbanism and rurality, normality and freakishness - cancel one another out.
  • Her affection for horses, dogs and myriad other bestial examples of rurality is such that both her everyday life and her fiction overflows with loyal hounds, rampant stallions and personifications thereof.
  • This ‘shadow of the total experience’ pertains to many aspects of rurality demanded today by a largely urban and suburban market.


Pronunciation: /ˌro͝orələˈzāSH(ə)n/
Pronunciation: /ˌro͝orəˌlīˈzāSH(ə)n/
Example sentences
  • In effect, ruralization should be seen as a phenomenon that affected only some areas within the urban fabric, radically changing the function and structure they had had during the classical period.
  • There is a rather broad consensus concerning the idea of an early medieval ‘interlude’ marked by a general ‘ruralization’ of the economy.
  • But the eighteenth century has been described as an age of ‘ruralization’ or ‘territorialization’ of crafts.


Pronunciation: /ˈro͝orəˌlīz/
Example sentences
  • While rewriting geography, he has ruralised the urbanites.
  • Immediately ruralising the sport, Slimline has taken boxing out to Pannala.
  • This transition is also articulated with the urbanisation of Turkish society, in which the centre itself is ‘ruralised’ and its production of a polemical Westernised distinction or civility is muted.


Example sentences
  • ‘A new earth construction industry in Scotland could have relevance for both rurally based economies that are in need of diversification, and for national priorities that promote sustainable rural development,’ the report argues.
  • The poorest countries in the now 25 strong, rurally protected cartel; will, as is their expectation, be helped, in various degrees, out of the mire of previously accepted, even if without enthusiasm, Socialistic sinecurism.
  • Statistics have shown that medical graduates from a low socio-economic background are more likely to practise in these areas after graduation, just as graduates from a rural background are more likely practise rurally.


Late Middle English: from Old French, or from late Latin ruralis, from rus, rur- 'country'.

  • This comes from late Latin ruralis, from rus ‘country’. In early use little difference exists between rural and rustic (Late Middle English), but later usage shows rural in connection with locality and country scenes, with rustic being reserved for the primitive qualities of country life. The use of rustic for ‘unsophisticated; plain and simple’ dates from the beginning of the 17th century

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