Definition of sabertooth in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈsābərˌto͞oTH/


1 (also saber-toothed cat or saber-toothed tiger) A large extinct carnivorous mammal of the cat family, with large, curved upper canine teeth.
  • Several genera in the family Felidae, in particular Smilodon of the American Pleistocene and Machairodus of the Old World Pliocene
Example sentences
  • For instance, the extinct saber-toothed cat Smilodon fatalis was shown to have surprisingly weak bite strength relative to its size.
  • Their goal is to restore giant wild mammals to North America, like those that roamed the continent during the Ice Age - mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and the extinct American cheetah, among others.
  • These extinctions included animals such as mammoths and mastodons, the saber-toothed cat, ground sloths and native American horses and camels.
2A large extinct marsupial mammal with teeth similar to those of a sabertooth, of the South American Pliocene.
  • Genus Thylacosmilus, family Borhyaenidae
Example sentences
  • Discuss the significance of the South American sabertooth Thylacosmilus.
  • The skull of marsupial sabertooth Thylacosmilus and sabertooth cats has in connection with it very specific form.
  • This marsupial sabertooth has been a great favorite ever since I saw the Matternes reconstructions in Life's Book of South America.
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