Definition of saccule in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈsakyo͞ol/


Biology & Anatomy
1A small sac, pouch, or cyst.
Example sentences
  • However, continuous secretion of the sebaceous glands and its accumulation resulted in formation of a small sac-like pouch, a saccule, between the inner and outer root sheath of hair follicles.
  • However derived, the presence of a saccule is clear indication of an incompetent valve and, therefore, reversed flow down the vein when upright and exercising.
  • Elastin may play an important structural role in the development of alveoli from immature saccules.
1.1Another term for sacculus.
Example sentences
  • The receptor organ of posture and equilibrium is a composite one located in the semicircular canals, the utricle, and the saccule of the inner ear.
  • With the head erect, the macula in each utricle is oriented horizontally, and in the saccule vertically.
  • The detailed maps of the distributions of these bundle types over the sensory maculae and papillae of the five organs strongly suggested corresponding functional distributions, including acoustic function for the saccule.



Pronunciation: /ˈsakyələr/
Example sentences
  • Rodents are born with the lung in the saccular stage; alveolarization occurs exclusively from Days 4-14 after birth, followed by alveolar wall thinning between Days 14-21.
  • This is the point at which the tubular esophagus joins the saccular stomach.
  • The anatomic changes from these diverse causes have been classified by Reid into three categories: cylindrical, varicose, and saccular or cystic.


Pronunciation: /ˈsakyəˌlātid/
Example sentences
  • During this period, the uterine glands become highly coiled and irregularly sacculated in the middle of the endometrium.
  • A second separate irregular sacculated pouch was located anterior to the first in the septum and anterior left ventricular wall.
  • Herbivores, in contrast, have complex colons marked by a long cecum or multiple ceca, a greater total colonic length, and an arrangement of the muscle layers that gives the colon a sacculated form.


Pronunciation: /ˌsakyəˈlāSHən/
Example sentences
  • The cecal musculature, in contrast, shows no thickening but, rather, a rearrangement of the outer layer of muscle in such a way as to create a sacculation that increases the cecal surface area.
  • On the left side, the transverse colon and its sacculations can be seen.
  • In the varicose pattern, the extent of bronchial dilatation is greater, and constrictions and sacculations are present.


Mid 19th century: anglicized form of Latin sacculus (see sacculus).

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Syllabification: sac·cule

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