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Syllabification: sap·ro·troph
Pronunciation: /ˈsaprəˌtrōf, -ˌträf


  • An organism that feeds on or derives nourishment from decaying organic matter.
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    • In contrast to ciliates, Opalina combined large cell size and the need for fast growth by evolving numerous genetically equivalent nuclei per cell (like siphoneous algae and many hyphal saprotrophs - fungi and pseudofungi).
    • Fungal endophytes and saprotrophs generally play an important ecological role within plant tissues and dead plant material.



Pronunciation: /ˌsaprəˈtrōfik, -ˈträfik/
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  • Although fungi are thought of as saprotrophic or parasitic, more than one third of the known fungi are involved in mutualistic symbioses.
  • Those illustrated in Fig.4 resemble simple cord-forming, saprotrophic basidomycetes, which are involved in lignin decomposition (L. Boddy, pers. comm. 2001; work in progress).
  • However, if no suitable photobiont is available, the mycobiont can survive in a loose association with other algae or behave as a saprotrophic fungus.


back-formation from saprotrophic.

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