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Syllabification: scar
Pronunciation: /skär


  • 1A mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely and fibrous connective tissue has developed: a faint scar ran the length of his left cheek
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    • After her examination, but by this time armed with remorse and guilt, I asked for the meaning of the multiple burn scars on her skin.
    • Her burns were slowly healing and turning into scars, the skin on the back her neck was still a little black and her skin was still peeling.
    • Other treatments for burn scars can include massage therapy and steroid drugs.
    cicatrix, mark, blemish, disfigurement, discoloration, defacement; pockmark, pock, pit; lesion, stigma; birthmark, nevus; (scars) stigmata
  • 1.1A lasting effect of grief, fear, or other emotion left on a person’s character by a traumatic experience: the attack has left mental scars on Terry and his family
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    • Her honesty helped me realize that my mental and emotional scars were far more disfiguring than my physical ones.
    • I generally haven't played characters that have deep emotional scars and trauma, and I loved diving into the mind of a troubled character.
    • Their traumatic experiences have left deep emotional scars and impacted on their lives enormously.
    trauma, damage, injury
  • 1.2A mark left on something following damage of some kind: Max could see scars of the blast
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    • They are paint patches covering rocket blast scars from the political violence of mid-1997.
    • I followed scars posing as roads and faded tracks not shown on any map yet drawn.
    • Charlie sat down at the table, and traced its scars and stains with her eyes.
  • 1.3A mark left at the point of separation of a leaf, frond, or other part from a plant.
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    • The ‘root’ is not a true root but the swollen base of the stem, and these marks are leaf scars.
    • Leaf scars, which resemble suction cups, are found on the winter twigs when the leaves fall.
    • These two parts should snap apart easily by hand and leave a clean scar on the new corm.
  • 2A steep high cliff or rock outcrop, especially of limestone.
    [ Middle English: from Old Norse sker 'low reef'; compare with skerry]
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    • They bring a mad burst of colour to the silver and green countryside of the Peak, with its superlush pastures, twinkly trout streams and shining limestone scars.
    • There were white geese by the water, there's a pale scar of limestone if you look back, no snow but snowdrops, and then Rievaulx.
    • It's great here, short turf, long views, scree, caves and stream, and parallel and looming 300 feet above, a twisted limestone scar.

verb (scars, scarring, scarred)

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  • 1Mark with a scar or scars: he is likely to be scarred for life after injuries to his face, arms, and legs [as adjective, in combination]: (-scarred) battle-scarred troops
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    • She has confided in me that she's afraid her son has been scarred for life by his father's treatment.
    • But the ones who survive risk being scarred for life.
    • Wrinkled and scarred though they were, she could tell these arms were his own and that in reality he wanted them to stay that way.
    disfigure, mark, blemish, discolor; pockmark, pit; stigmatizedamage, spoil, mar, deface, injure
    rare disfeature
    traumatize, damage, injure, wound; distress, disturb, upset
  • 1.1 [no object] Form or be marked with a scar.
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    • The case centred around pleural plaques, a benign condition which causes scarring to the lung lining and which is caused by exposure to asbestos.
    • You have been diagnosed by your physician as having one of the many diseases which can cause interstitial pulmonary fibrosis or what we call lung scarring.
    • Three main diseases are related to asbestos: asbestosis, or lung scarring, lung cancer and mesothelioma, or cancer of the lining of the chest or abdomen.



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  • Visitors will progress along a timeline of discovery, featuring the most significant breakthroughs, from atomic theory to current science developments such as robotics and scarless tissue healing.
  • Interestingly, depending on the gestational age, myofibroblasts can disappear from the wound site, a phenomenon that has been correlated to scarless wound healing.
  • She looked like Aeris, but was a good bit thinner, and scarless.


late Middle English: from Old French escharre, via late Latin from Greek eskhara 'scab'.

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