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Syllabification: scout
Pronunciation: /skout


1A soldier or other person sent out ahead of a main force so as to gather information about the enemy’s position, strength, or movements.
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  • Then, Spetnaz troops and scouts were sent ahead of the armor to eliminate RPG-armed snipers.
  • Four days had passed before Lord Light ordered his force to a halt, and sent scouts out ahead to find the disposition of the bridge.
  • Now we have sent one of the village's best scouts to gather further information, so that our village will be prepared for an attack.
lookout, outrider, advance guard, vanguard; spy
1.1A ship or aircraft employed for reconnaissance, especially a small fast aircraft.
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  • There are thirty fighters, two scouts, ten bombers, and three long range fighters.
  • We sent a picket ship as a scout, your government destroyed half of it, and stole all the remains.
  • Of course, that suggestion had been shot down faster than a Spectral scout.
1.2 short for talent scout.
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  • While his arm strength is considered good, Rodgers threw the ball downfield twice in the four games the scout watched.
  • Mornington were so successful that league clubs sent scouts to watch a number of the players.
  • Udrih is a good ballhandler who impressed scouts with his shooting and play off the pick-and-roll.
talent spotter, talent scout
informal bird dog
1.3 [usually in singular] An instance of gathering information, especially by reconnoitering an area: I returned from a lengthy scout around the area
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  • With a preliminary scout of the area and a sketch map, we were someway nearer as to understanding where everything was in relation to each other.
  • He fancied a scout round Victoria but I told him I preferred Wapping instead.
  • I want to have a quick scout round.
reconnaissance, reconnoiter; exploration, search, expedition
informal recon
2 (also Scout) A Boy Scout or Girl Scout.
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  • Former eagle scout Clint Lawton stopped pursuing a business major when he learned that Brigham Young University offered a new major: Scouting.
  • An organization called Scouting for All was cofounded by a young heterosexual scout named Steven Cozza and his father, Scott Cozza.
  • Bowling newspaper publisher Dan McDonough, also a Boy Scout official, tells about the two scouts who went bowling for the first time.
3 informal dated A man or boy: I’ve got nothing against Harrison—he’s a good scout
4A domestic worker at a college at Oxford University.


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1Make a search for someone or something in various places: I was sent to scout around for a place to park the camper we scouted for clues
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  • I scouted for evidence of a stuck or injured fox, but found nothing.
  • In fact, that was the Congress' Achilles heel as it scouted for more supporters.
  • The policy should simplify the funding process for film-makers who previously had to scout around for money from various departments project by project.
search, look, hunt, ferret about/around, root around/about
1.1(Especially of a soldier) go ahead of a main force so as to gather information about an enemy’s position, strength, or movements.
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  • Quickly flicking the C stick down will activate the gadget, and it often comes in quite handy while scouting for enemy soldiers.
  • As fire burned from where the bunkers once stood, Joe's remaining troops went ahead to scout for any enemy forces left.
  • Clement halted his army and signaled for his scout to ride ahead of the army to scout for enemies ahead.
1.2 [with object] Explore or examine (a place or area of business) so as to gather information about it: American companies are keen to scout out business opportunities
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  • Wilmer found and fell in love with his studio, a former warehouse, on his first day scouting business space in Sausalito.
  • The project is now scouting summit sites in areas with large exoffender populations and plans to hold five summits by the end of 2005.
  • The airline is scouting new areas for market expansion in the region and has singled out St Lucia.
reconnoiter, explore, make a reconnaissance of, inspect, investigate, spy out, survey; examine, scan, study, observe
informal check out, case
1.3Look for suitably talented people for recruitment to one’s own organization or sports team: Johnson has been scouting for the Pirates
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  • The idea is not to scout for talented cricketers for the Indian women's team but to make women come out of their homes and play the game.
  • If Missouri loses a great prospect or two because other teams are scouting and making living-room pitches, the impact will linger.
  • That made NBA teams a little wary of him, especially teams that want to scout in China.


late Middle English (as a verb): from Old French escouter 'listen', earlier ascolter, from Latin auscultare.


Scout's honor

The oath taken by a Boy Scout or Girl Scout.
informal Used to indicate that one has the same honorable standards associated with Scouts and so will stand by a promise or tell the truth.
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  • ‘Okay, I won't do anything irrational,’ I said as I lifted up my hands, put up my first two fingers and folded the rest back,‘Scout's honour.’
  • I'll be there tomorrow night, Scout's honor!
  • He'll watch his mouth next time, Scout's honor.



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  • All the stalls had such scouters who would at times even cling on to your clothes, in an attempt to lure you into buying their absolutely undesirable concoctions.
  • Most of those in the off-stage audience were handed invitations by scouters who scoped the city for folks with ‘the look’.
  • The thin circles are patrols, the thicker squares are scouters, the large ovals are divisions, and the rectangles are squadrons.

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There are 2 definitions of scout in English:


Syllabification: scout
Pronunciation: /


[with object] rare
Reject (a proposal or idea) with scorn.
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  • Despite her tender letters to her guru, he sensibly scouts the idea that the two were lovers.


early 17th century: of Scandinavian origin; compare with Old Norse skúta, skúti 'a taunt'.

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