Definition of screamer in English:


Syllabification: scream·er
Pronunciation: /ˈskrēmər


1A person or thing that makes a screaming sound.
More example sentences
  • The screamer, whoever it was, sounded a little like Lynn.
  • He has surprisingly done everything the unilateralist screamers assured us he would not do; namely, take every precautionary step the UN has asked him to take.
  • As such, he confounds modern-day screamers on both the left and the right for whom the warrior code is unintelligible.
2 informal A thing remarkable for speed or impact: he had a screamer of a lap going in his Penske-Chevy
More example sentences
  • After all, that first-generation Pentium PC that seemed like such a screamer when you bought it probably went out in the inorganic collection several years ago.
  • Provided that you can pickup the X850XT-PE, coupled with a fast system, you'll have a screamer of a gaming rig.
  • A rear engine 500 cc screamer with one central headlight, they sold 16,000 of them with the tin body but also quite a few woven ones.
2.1An extremely fast ball or shot: Jones hit a screamer against the right-field wall
More example sentences
  • They increased their lead after 50 minutes when John Butcher released a screamer of a shot that flew into the net from 20-yards out.
  • Danny Murphy seems to be an 100% a game player, which is a valuable asset, I remember him scoring a couple of screamers past Leeds last season.
  • With very little back-lift, Pires hits a screamer.
2.2chiefly US A sensational or very large headline: his death caused a front-page screamer
More example sentences
  • His column in the Times will appear under a screamer: ‘Athens bomb dropped: six into four won't go.’
  • Curiously, they were the only newspaper to grasp this story, which splashed under one of their extremely long screamers NOW IT'S THE FRANKENFISH!
2.3 dated A thing that causes screams of laughter.
More example sentences
  • After a somewhat creepy beginning down on the farm, the film is just a screamer.
3A large gooselike South American waterbird with a short bill, a sharp bony spur on each wing, and a harsh honking call.
  • Family Anhimidae: two genera and three species
More example sentences
  • The long toes may help screamers walk on emergent and submerged aquatic vegetation.

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