Definition of self-fertilization in English:


Syllabification: self-fer·ti·li·za·tion


The fertilization of plants and some invertebrate animals by their own pollen or sperm rather than that of another individual.
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  • If so, is it autogamous (capable of self-fertilization in the absence of pollinators)?
  • Together, the three modes of geitonogamy make a much larger contribution to self-fertilization than autogamy.
  • Consequently, the genetic structure of this species is likely to be shaped by rare outcrossing events among colonists, followed by generations of self-fertilization to produce recombinant inbred lineages.



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  • We used production of self-fertilized eggs as an indicator of reproductive maturity in order to select individuals for our experiments.
  • Johannsen further developed the pure-line concept and its relation to improving self-fertilized crops.
  • Third, all of the self-fertilized progeny from all the individuals growing in a specific environment were identical to each other, but different from all the progeny of individuals grown in a different environment.


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  • It has a 4-day life cycle and propagates as self-fertilizing hermaphrodites or by outcrossing after the spontaneous generation of males.
  • Consider two closely related plant taxa, one of which is self-fertilizing and the other outbreeding.
  • Hence, selection at linked sites is likely to be an important determinant of neutral polymorphism patterns within partially self-fertilizing species.

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