Definition of seriously in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈsirēəslē/


1In a solemn or considered manner: the doctor looked seriously at him
More example sentences
  • They treated my questions seriously and thoughtfully, helping me to see how Christianity answers the issues raised by modern culture.
solemnly, earnestly, gravely, soberly, somberly, sternly, grimly, dourly, humorlessly;
pensively, thoughtfully
2With earnest intent; not lightly or superficially: I seriously considered canceling my subscription
More example sentences
  • I also observe that while not bound to accept a joint submission, the court must seriously consider it and not lightly reject it.
  • Be sure you understand the details of cruise cancellation terms, and seriously consider buying travel insurance.
  • I seriously consider calling him and cancelling if he is still far away.
2.1Really or sincerely (used especially to indicate a response of surprise or shock): do you seriously believe that I would jeopardize my career by such acts?
More example sentences
  • See, he actually, seriously believed he was a demon hunter and could see demons.
  • I do not know of any member in this House - young or old - who honestly seriously believed that.
  • Nobody seriously believes that teaching children in batches of 20 or 30 can offer an appropriately individualised education.
really, actually, honestly
really?, is that so?, is that a fact?, you're joking, well I never, go on, you don't say
informal you're kidding
2.2 [sentence adverb] Used to add sincerity to a statement that is to follow, especially after a facetious exchange of remarks: seriously though, shortcuts rarely work
More example sentences
  • Nah, seriously though, the forum really isn't worth the trouble.
  • Seriously though I think she has a point.
  • No seriously though, now that I noticed it I can't help but wonder why this is.
joking aside, to be serious, honestly, truthfully, truly, I mean it
informal scout's honor
2.3 informal Used to indicate surprise at what someone has said and to check whether they really meant it: “I’m dying to know.” “Seriously?” “Of course.”
3To a degree that is significant or worrying because of possible danger or risk: the amount of fat you eat can seriously affect your health [as submodifier]: three men are seriously ill in the hospital
More example sentences
  • The successfully treated seriously ill are also affected by these service inadequacies.
  • The new hospital will concentrate on very seriously ill children and specialist cases.
  • Consumers can become seriously ill if they eat an egg that is not fully cooked and contaminated with salmonella.
severely, gravely, badly, critically, acutely, dangerously
formal grievously
4 [as submodifier] informal Very: he was seriously rich I drove to the station in a seriously bad mood
More example sentences
  • But coming from someone with mad staring eyes, and who writes like Job in a seriously bad mood, this is all a bit hypocritical.
  • The dog tried to do some seriously extreme bouncing.
  • I am seriously bummed, though, that she didn't come after all.


take someone/something seriously

Regard someone or something as important and worthy of attention.
Example sentences
  • Whatever suggestions they make, it is important you take them seriously.
  • As a unionist, he explains, it was important to take Scotland seriously in order to ensure it did not slip away into independence.
  • They must gain the confidence of all members of the House, and that is why it is important that the commission takes the matter seriously.

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Syllabification: se·ri·ous·ly

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