Definition of shimmer in English:


Syllabification: shim·mer
Pronunciation: /ˈSHimər


[no object]
Shine with a soft tremulous light: the sea shimmered in the sunlight
More example sentences
  • A giant flame shimmered brightly in the moonlight.
  • Brown and beautiful, her eyes shimmered in the light of the house.
  • His eyes shimmered in the low light and he yawned and curled his purple striped tail around his cat body.


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A soft, slightly wavering light: a pale shimmer of moonlight
More example sentences
  • I could see the excitement in Charlie's eyes as he saw the shimmer of light dancing on my Kitana blade.
  • Her skin had taken on a translucent shimmer, skin even paler than before.
  • Her hair was darker and had more auburn in it that is use to, and her eyes had a shimmer of pale green in them.


late Old English scymrian, of Germanic origin; related to German schimmern, also to shine. The noun dates from the early 19th century.



More example sentences
  • Although they have dented the charts more than a few times with a series of shimmeringly catchy singles, there's always been melancholy beneath the dancefloor sheen.
  • His novel is evangelical in its defence of the shimmeringly implausible. ‘If you stumble at mere believability, what are you living for?’
  • The limestone terrain was shimmeringly white.


More example sentences
  • He's really pretty with lots of pinkish-red coloring shot through with shimmery blue.
  • When I drove close to the sighting of the edifice, I noticed shimmery lights shining from its many windows.
  • I wanted to be the one wearing lip gloss and shimmery face glitter, and a revealing top and a very tight pair of jeans.

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